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Klar: I once wrote some poems (Between coma and consciousness, Gingko/Alternative, 2002)
Ida Kelarova w/h Iva Bittova: El lasko, lasko (Iva Bittova j.h. "as their guest", indies records, 2002)
Gianni Gebbia: Emperor (Arcana major/Sonic Tarots sesion, Stereosupremo,2002)
Xavier Garcia / Gianni Gebbia/ Nils Wogram: Street of shit (Pronto!, Intakt records, 2002)
Christian Vander: Des profondeurs/Sahiss siiaaht/Les vents/ En avançant vers le vent (Les cygnes et les corbeaux, 7th records, 2002)
Hmmm: TrainedMonkey (I only want love, ISProductions, 2002)
Tod Dockstader & James Reichert: #4 (Omniphony 1, rer, 1966/2002)
Les granules: Papa-sapin-rouge (Au royaume du silencieux, DAME, 1992)

Iva Bittova & Vladimir Vaclavek: ? (Bile Inferno, Indies records, 1997)

Iva Bittova & Pavel Fajt: Smutenka (As their guest, Indies records, 2002)

Iva Bittova & Cikori: Kazu (s/T, indies redcords, 2001)

Ladakh 567 w/h Pavel Fajt: Kon-Tikyfly (s/t, Indies records, 2002)

Repeat (Toshimaru Nakamura & Jason Kahn): #7 (Select dialect, Cut, 1999)

Toshimaru Nakamura: Nimb#15 (No input mixing board 2, A bruit secret, 2001)

Art Zoyd: La poursuite (Metropolis, In possible records, 2002)

Digitalis: #2 (s/t, FMN Sound factory, 1986/2002)

Iva Bittova & Cikori: Polykacka Nozu (s/t, Indies records, 2001)
Dunaj/ Iva Bittova/ Pavel fajt: ? (Pustit musis, indies records, 199?)
Fred Frith w/h Iva Bittova: Morning song (Step across the border, RecRec, 199?)
Iva Bittova & Pavel Fajt: Wedding (Rer quatterly selections from vol.2, rer, 1992)
Iva Bittova & Cikori: Prvni (s/t, Indies records, 2001)
Nipponianippon: Valley of the wind (Acid Mothers Temple family compilation, earworm, 2002)
Acid Mothers Temple: Virgin UFO (Absolutely freak out, Static Caravan/ Resonant, 2000)
Zoffy: No barom cross (Atsumako, Acid Mothers Temple, 199?)


Lauren Weinger: Interior (Silo, Rer, 2002)
Tod Dockstader: ? (Quatermass, Starkland, ?)
Tod Dockstader & James Reichert: #2 (Omniphony 1, Rer, 1966/2002)
Chris Cutler: #10-11 (Solo, Rer, 2002)
Pavel Fajt: Delay delay (Drum tek, Indies records, 2001?)
The Jeff Kaiser ockodektet: Figures of this In-between - Figures to be actualities (17 themes for ockodektet, pfMentum, 2002)
Ernesto Diaz-Infante & Chris Forsyth: #8-11 (March, Pax recordings, 2002)

17/11/02: Spéciale Rock Psychédélique Japonais : AMT et Les Rallizes Denudes
FLoating Flowers : Shizuku No Youni (Do Whatever you Want, Don't do whatever you don't want, Earworm 2002)
Les Rallizes Denudes : Les Bulles de Savons ('67~'69 Studio et Live, (SIXE-0101)/CD 1991)
Acid Mothers Temple : Lady Lemonade - long version (excerpt) (Do Whatever you want, don't do whatever you don't want, Earworm 2002)
Les Rallizes Denudes : Ice Fire (excerpt) (Heavier than a death in the familly, Ain't Group Sound 2002 - bootleg)
Acid Mother temple : Occie Lady  (New Geocentric World of Acid Mother Temple, Squealer 2001)
Les Rallizes Denudes : Otherwise My Conviction ('67~'69 Studio et Live, (SIXE-0101)/CD 1991)
Acid Mother temple : Grateful Head (US tour 7", Wabana 2001)
Les Rallizes Denudes : Strong Out deeper than Night (Heavier than a death in the familly, Ain't Group Sound 2002 - bootleg)
Acid Mother Temple : In E (In C, Squealer 2002)

14/11/02 :
Hermit : track 2 (UrbanMyth vs Common Knowledge, Manufrature 2002)
Shogo Nari w/ Makoto Kawabata : Black Blues (Black Blues, Zakuro Records2001)
Satoko Fuji feat. Tatsuya Yoshida : The Sun in a Moonlight Night (Vulcan, LibraRecords 2002)
Art Zoyd : Les Nuits de Yoshiwara / Le Prêche contre les Machines / Maria estLibre (Metropolis, in-possible records, 2002)
Hermit : track 5 (Urban Myth vs Common Knowledge, Manufrature 2002)
Shogo Nari w/ Makoto Kawabata : White Flowers on the Hilltop (Acid Mothers Temple Family Compilation, Do Whatever you want, Don’t do whateveryou don’twant, Earworm 2002)
Haino Keiji / Tomokawa Kazuki : ??? (kanji title) (Eriseno me, PSF 2002)
Alien Social Dance Party (Tabata / Fujikake) : Bluesfor Mrs Triple H. (Acid Mothers Temple Family Compilation, Do Whatever youwant, Don’t do whatever you don’t want, Earworm 2002)

07/11/02 :
Art Zoyd:Epithalame –excerpt- (Berlin, Cryonic, 1987)
Art Zoyd: Dies Irae / Procession (Faust, Atonal, 1995)
Falter Bramnk w/h Jacopo Andreini & the fartfara: Dick Smart 2.007 (Der Vertreiber) (Music is a fish defrosted with a hair-dryer, Snwodonia, 2001)
Jacopo Andreini: Pakisatni space misssion (Pakistani space album, Snowdonia, 2000)
Fuji quartet: ? (Vulcan, Libra Records 2002)
Hijokaidan: Crinkun –Crankun (Windon, Alchemy records, ?)
Dust Breeders : La mort doit perdre beaucoup de son horreur chez ceux qui sontaccoutumés à manger des cadavres (V.A. Pas Attendre, Shambala 2002)

03/11/02 :
Otomo Yoshihide's New Jazz Ensemble : Preach (feat. Jun Togawa) (Dreams,Tzadik2002)
Focus on : Darin Gray
Darin Gray : Karin Kusuma (St. Louis Shuffle, Familly Vineyard 2002)
Darin Gray : Serra's Twain (V.A., Moonlanding #2, 7" Helicopter 2000)
The Alan Licht– Loren Mazzacane Ensemble : Peace Scares (Hoffman Estates, Drag City 1998)
Darin Gray : T.S. Elliott (St. Louis Shuffle, Familly Vineyard 2002)
Brise Glace :  Stump of a Dawner (When In Veritas…, Skin Graft 1994)
Darin Gray : St. Louis Boogaloo (St. Louis Shuffle, Familly Vineyard 2002)
Concert du C.R.I.M.E. à la Malterie : Dust Breeders + Junko 08/11
Hijokaidan : part – 1 (Ferocity Of Practical Life10”, 1997 Fourth Dimension)
Zyklon B Zombies (feat. Junko) :
Kingdom of Foolish Man (2 cassette-tapes box set, selfreleased)
Henri Chopin :
2500, Les Grenouilles D’Aristophane (Coffret 4CD OU, Alga Marghen 2002) (brekekekoaxkoax !!)
Dans le silence lance l’air (CDr inclus dans le livre Les portes ouvertes ouvertement, Voix Editions 2001)

31/10/02 :
Wobbly : Islets ofLangerhans (Regards, Alku)
Stylus : Pwllcrochan (Archif:01, Ochre 2002)
Longstone : Water Resistant (Up to a Depth of 3 Meters) (Archive:03, 2CDOchre 2002)
Number 9 : Mushi no E (Mushi no E, Cubic music 2002)
Minamo : Hum  excerpt-last 10minutes (V.A.Colour and Pattern (Kleur en Motief), Apestaartje 2002)
Yoshio Machida : Kashima (Radiant Woods) (Hypernatural 1, self released box set1999)
Yoshio Machida : The Polar Lights (Hyper Natural 2, SOFTL Music 2001)
Ultra Sound : Tomorrow (Hamesh, Another Autonomy Recording 2000)

24/10/02 :
Curlew: Ray (North America, Cuneiform, 1983/2002)
Silent Block: Toujours courir (#1, Khökhöt, ?)
Hubbub: Ub –excerp- (Ub/Abu, For 4 eras, 200?)
Richard Pinhas: P’tite Sab (Event and repetitions, Cuneiform, 2002)
Christian Vander: Le semeur vers l’est…Les oiseaux bruns (Les cygnes et les corbeaux, 7th records, 2002)
Magma « Les voix » : Zess –excerpt- (Concert 1992, AKT I,1992 ?)
Vander Top : Mekanik Zaïn (Best on tour 76, Utopic records, 2001)

20/10/02  :
 Space Streakings : Zunireta (Never listen ! For Disco Attacker Only !) (7-Toku, Skin graft)
Rechenzentrum : track 4 from Negende Mixer, Stichting Mixer 2002
Sissy Spacek : Please Don’t Speak While We Explain. (Sississpsskssissrs, Helicopter 2002)
Guilty Connector Feat. Bastard Noise : Lethal Firetrap (First Noise attack, Utsu Tapes / Denshi Zatsuon 2001)
Bastard Noise : Hamburger People (Mutant, Manufracture 2002)
Bastard Noise / Outermost : Molecular Tornado (Cauldron of Fire, 7 Helicopter)
Phill Niblock : Unmentionnable Piece for trombone and Sousaphone (feat. Georges Lewis cf. Steve Lacy, John Zorn ou Derek Bailey) (YPGPN, XI, 2002)
Afflux (Cordier, Guionnet, La Casa) : Gare de Lyon (Bouquetot, Paris,Port-Jérôme Groundfualt 2002)


Sotos: Malstrom part1 (Platypus, Cuneiform, 2002)
Sotos: Malstrom part6 (Platypus, Cuneiform, 2002)
Tara Fuki: Czekam (Piosenku do snu, Indies rec., 2001)
Irmin Schmidt & Kumo: Las Plumas del Buho (Masters of confusion, Spoon, 2002)
Absolute Zero: Suenos sobre un espejo (Crashing Icons, autoprod, 2000)
Matching Mole: Waterloo Lily (March, Cuneiform, 2002)


Quintetto a la Busara w/h Amy Denio: Zemrude (s/t, autoprod, 2002)
Tara Fuki: Pada (Piosenku do snu, Indies rec., 2001)
The Focus quintet: Introduction (1-8 in 1, Sachimay, 2002)
Electro-Magnetic-Trans-Personal-orchestra w/h Aarn Bennett: C (s/t, Paxrecordings, 2002)
Pierre Vervloessem: Have you seen me ? (Grosso Modo, Carbon 7, 2002)
John litton Baroï w/h Pierre Vervloessem: Pothiker vhari borah (Zala, zala,Carbon 7, 2002)

06/10/02 :

Pedro Rebelo : &Just Cartoon Music (2 :22) (V.A. Extracted Celluloid, Illegal art)
Concert Aeronef : Peril : Kiken + Exchange Rate (s/t, Dr Jim's records)
Jean François Pauvros: Quincaillerie (Pas attendre, Shambala, 2002)
Atomsmasher : Skull Shot (S/t, hydrahead 2000)
Phantomsmasher : Bishop Hopping (S/t, Ipecac 2002)
Venetian Snares + Speedranch : Fire Beats (Making Orange things; Planet Mu 2000)
Vromb : Sub Réalité + Assemblage A(Mémoires paramoléculaires, Hushush 2002)
Bocca raton (Stichting Mixer/Staalplaat 2002)
Concert Batofar :
Zoviet France : Mohnomishe (Charrm CHARRMCD4 1983/ 1990)


Curlew: First bite (North America, Cuneiform, 1983/2002)
Metal taste like Orange: Orange (Secret recording, Amoebic, 1999)
Gnu: Sandcrawler (Midnight breakfast, Cubic music, 2001)
JF Pauvros w/h Arto Lindsay: ? (, Nato, ?)
Montera / Floridis / Lovens: Broken shadow (Musqiu’action,Vand’oeuvre, 1993)
Loren Mazzacane Connors w/h JM Montera, Thurston Moore: MCC/M/M trio (Apossible dawn, Hat noir, 1997)
Rev.99: Where’s the 3 Martini war ? ( Everything changed after 7-11, Paxrecordings, 2002)
Ruds/ Custodio/ Diaz Infante: #2 (Crashing the russian renaissance, Pax,2002)

26/09/02 :
Soft machine: Moon in june –demo (Backwards, Cuneiform, 2002)
Jakob Draminsky Höjmark: Pouncing (For the birds, Multisounds, 2002)
Pierre Vervloessem: Full metal carpet (Grosso Modo, Carbon 7, 2002)
PAK: Jack wears his sandles on his head (Live and demo, autoprod., 2001)
Olivier Benoit / Jean Luc Guionnet: #6 (&UN, Vand’oeuvre, 2002)
Laurent Dailleau: #1 (?, ?, ?)
Carole Rieussec w/t Catherine Jauniaux: Portraits griffonés (Musique action #3,Vand’oeuvre, 2002)
60 étages : Tevlev (ASBL, Vand’œuvre, 2002)
The moving sidewalk : #1 –excerpt- (Motion, autoprod., 2002)

Wobbly : Christian Music (Illegal art 2002)
Whitehouse : Cruise(Force TheTruth) From : CRUISE, Susan Lawly. 2001.
Vacuum Boys: Do the Hoove Move From : SONGS FROM THE SEA OF LOVE,Fire/Staalplaat 2002
Gert-Jan Prins: RG58GJ-a From : RG-58-GJ, JDK 2002
Vacuum Boys: Whole Lotta Hoovin From : SONGS FROM THE SEA OF LOVE,Fire/Staalplaat 2002.
COH :Mort auxvaches Mort aux vaches/Staalplaat 2002
(un disque proposé par La Faculté : )
3 permutations from OU box set, Alga Marghen 2002
Junk is no good baby from Steve Lacy & Bryon Gysin, Songs, hat art,1981/1990
Pistol poem from OU box set, Alga Marghen 2002
Luvzya from Steve Lacy & Bryon Gysin, Songs, hat art, 1981/1990
Bruits de Beaubourg (7" minutes excerpt) Alga Marghen

19/09/02 :
Tara Fuki:Spalitosie (Piosenki do snu, Indies records, 2001)
Iva Bittova: Kridla (Cikori, Indies records, 2001)
Jon Rose & Veryan Weston: The tone ladder 3 (Temperament, Emanem, 2002)
Jorge Szajko: Orchesta salavje (Orchesta salvaje, Slam records, 2002)
K-Space: Delayed drop (Bear bones, Slam records, 2002)
Jean Derome: Signes 1 (Canot camping, DAME, 2002)

12/09/02 :
Pierre Vervloessem: Amazing grease (Grosso modo, Carbon 7, 2002)
Quintetto a la busara w/h Amy Denio: Mercato busarese (s/t, autoprod., 2002)
Henry Kaiser: Getting to fifth base (156 strings, Cuneiform, 2002)
Frith & Kaiser: Squirrely (Friends & Enemies, Cuneiform, 1999)
Henry Kaiser: The best of times (The five heavenly truths, Fot records, 1993)
Kristoff K.Roll: Nuit aube (Le petit bruit d’à côté du coeur du monde,Vand’oeuvre, 2002)
Fred Frith: Access (156 strings, Cuneiform, 2002)

Boris : Flood -1- (Flood, MidiCreative2000)
Merzbow Boris : track 2 (Inoxia, 2002)
NON : Fathers Day (Best of / Mute 1999)
NON : Black Sun + Serpent of he heavens + Serpent of the Abyss (Children of the Black sun / Mute 2002)
Coil : 5-Methoxy-N, N-Dimethyl : (5-MeO-DMT) (Eskaton, vinyle version 2001)


Totsuzen Danball: Noborre ! Imagawayaki Kun (Konoyo ni Nai Busshitsu, ?, 2002)

Jean Derome: Plongeon-baignade (Canot camping, DAME, 2002)

Jean Derome / Joanne Hétu « Nous perçons lesoreilles » : Le nouvel animal (La vie c’est simple, DAME, 2002)

Jean Derome: #9 (Le magasin de tissu, DAME, 2001)

Univers Zéro : Waiting for the sun / The fly-Toxmen’s land (Rythmix, Cuneiform, 2002)

Univers Zéro: Complainte (Crawling wind, Cuneiform, 2001)

Univers Zéro : Terres noires (Rythmix, Cuneiform, 2002)



Warehouse: Ezumi (Endless game of cat and mouse, East works entertainment, 2002)

Bondage Fruit :Kinzoku no taiji (I, Maborosho no sekai, 1994)

Pere Furu:#12 (s/t, Maborosho no sekai, 2002)

Bondage Fruit: Frasco (Skin, Maborosho no sekai, 2002)

Rovo: Knm!(Shock city shockers, Shock city, 2000)

Warehouse: Bunbaka (Endless game of cat and mouse, East works entertainment, 2002)


25/07/02 :

The Muffins : Walking the duck (Bandwidth, Cuneiform, 2002)

Les poules: Au mur de la chair (Les contes de l’amère loi, DAME, 2001)

Bruire : #5 (Chants rupestres, DAME, 2001)

Labrosse / Tétrault : Paradis pour parasites (Parasites, DAME, 2001)

Lee PuiMing : Torso (Who’s playing, DAME, 2001)

Martin Meilleur: #5 -excerpt- (Tango, OHM, 2002)

Rovo : Horses (Imago, Incidental, 99/01)

Kristoff K.Roll: Jo (Le petit bruit d’à côté ducœur du monde, Vand’œuvre, 2002)


11/07/02 :

60 étages: Mahtahc (ASBL, 33revpermi, 2002)

60 étages : Fernet (Heatproof cauldrons for wanglers, 33revpermi, ?)

60 étages: Amiante (ASBL, 33revpermi, 2002)

Boredoms : #7 (Vision creation newsun, Birdman, 2000)

Kristoff K.Roll: La falaise de Bandiagara –l’écran (Le petit bruit d’à côté du cœur du monde, Vand’œuvre, 2002)

Pierre Schaeffer : Cinq études de bruits : étude violette (An anthology ofnoise electronic music first a-chronology, Sub Rosa, 2002)

K-Space : With the help of usual instruments (Bear bones, Slam records, 2002)



Narita Mamoru : Dawn Fall +Hellguard's writing from Music for Butoh Dance Improvisation (Pale Disc 2001)

Kiyoshi Mizutani ;  Shlegel's greentree frog from Yokosawa-Iri...(CMR 2002)+ Binzui from Bird Song (Groundfault2000)

Toshiya Tsunoda : Inside a Pipe at theSeashore 2 from Pieces of Air (Lucky Kitchen 2002)

focus on Dave Philips : Mix of Track 2 +Track 11 (from IIII / Manufracture 2001) + track 6 + 7 + 17 + 18 (from Ohne /Ohnemego 2002)

SethNehil : Uva (excerpt) (Uva, 20 City2001)


The Residents: t-électronique (Faust Freispiel, Klamngbad, 2002)
Krakatoa: Sword and Sandal (Togetherness, Etherdrag records, 2002)
NebelNest: Nova express (Nova express, Cuneiform, 2002)
Arkham: Tight trousers (s/t, Cuneiform, 2002)
Hikashu: Radioactivity (Musqiue non stop: a tribute to Kraftwerk, WarnerJapan,1998)
NB: reedited by Mantra in 2002 with a few (but major and unapproved)differences...
Hikashu: Biro Biro (Hikashu history, Tzadik, 2002)
Bastard Noise: Descent to Mimas -excerpt- (Descent to Mimas, Groundfault, 2001)

Boo: Lies (MOO festival promo CD)
Ty Sycacci: Po Huddle (Lek a red, Indies records, 2001)
MCH Band: Karneval (MOO festival promo CD)
Ernö Kiraly: Reflections n°2: the snail (Spectrum, Autobus/Trace, 2001)
Lazro/Zingaro/Léandre/Lovens: Madly you -10 first minutes excerpt- (Madly you,Potlatch, 2002)
V/Vm: The view below me was always the same (Sometiumes, good things happen -the blue one-, V/Vm test, 2002)
V/Vm: The view below me was always the same (Sometiumes, good things happen -the orange one-, V/Vm test, 2002)
Baka ! : Mangrove (Strings and stings II, FBWL, 2002)
André Duchesne: Négociations (Polaroïde, Ambiances magnétiques, 2002)

Boo: Listen ! (Listen !, Indies records, 2002)
La société des timides à la parade des oiseaux (Expériences de survie,Prikosnovénie, 1999)
Marc Sens & Dominique Petitgrand: 01 (Pas attendre, Shambala, 2002)
Jean François Pauvros: Quincaillerie (Pas attendre, Shambala, 2002)
M. Kawabata: I see you in a same dream tonight (Infinite love, Ochre, 2002)
Fragile: Iota (Strings and stings I, FBWL, 1999)
Falter Bramnk: Néant express (Strings and stings II, FBWL, 2002)
René Lussier: #6 (Déboutonné, OHM, 2002)
Van Bergen/Fennesz/Prins: Dawn (Dawn, Grob, 2002)
Coil : divers extraits de Time Machines (réed. LP 2002, Eskaton)

23/05/02: FF trio in Lille
Fred Frith Maybe Monday: Digital Wildlife (Digital Wildlife, Winter & Winter, 2002)
Fred Frith: Hands of the juggler (Gravity, Fred records, 1979/2002)
Fred Frith: Incoming (Accidental, Fred records, 2002)
Fred Frith & Rova Saxophone Quartet: Boyan's problem/ Ikue's song (Freedom in fragments, Tzadik, 2002)
Technical problem again !

Chris Cutler & Thomas Di munzio: When Cracks Appear : 2, 3, 4 (Quake, RER2000)
OZ disc Sampler - Blue disc Even Side & Red Disc Odd side (Tokuma 2001)
Blue 1 : 6.Kumio KURACHI(OZD-21)
Red 2 : 1.Yûichi KISHINO(OZD-80)
Blue 2: 16.Sinchô 2m(OZD-25)
Red 2 : 13.OK Music ball
Blue 2 :13.Fumihito TAGUCHI(OZD-57)
Blue 1 : 8.Gojio(OZD-75)
Red 2 : 11.Jon(OZD-66)
Merzbow : Inside Looking Out Part 1 (Merzzow / Opposite Records 2002)
Sunn O))) / Merzbow : (Flight of the behemoth / Southern Lord 2002)
Sunn O))) : Richard, excerpt, starting at 7’00” (Void 00 /Hydrahead – 2H Industries 2000)
John Duncan avec Giuliana Stefani : Palace of Mind (All questions 2001)
OZ again: Blue 1 : Ukulele Sisters

Dave Kerman / 5UU's: Couple #3 is a solo (Abandonship, Cuneiform, 2002)
Ground Zero: Bones (Plays Standards, Rer, 2002)
Fred Frith / Rova Saxophone Quartet: Water under the bridge (Freedom infragments, Tzadik, 2002)
Curlew: Barn door (Meet the curlews, Cuneiform, 2002)
Bruno Meillier: Mûroise (Onze bonbons, Orkhestra, 2002)
Kneale - Kuwayama: #2 (Bottom of the motorway, Pale-disc, 2002)
Birchville cat motel: Another miners light -excerpt- (We count these prayers, Corpus Hermeticum, 2002)
Totsuzen Danball: ? (OZ disc sampler - Blue disc - Even side, Tokuma,?)

4,11,18 and 25/04/02 :  Technical problem at RCV !

Bob Drake: Calla Lily (The skull mailbox, Crumbling tones Archive, 2001)
Dave Kerman / 5UU's: Belly-up (Abandonship, Cuneiform, 2002)
Poire Z: Hellish Herbalist (ep., For 4 eras, 1999)
Martin Archer & Geraldine Monk: #7 (Angel high wires, La cooka Ratcha /Voiceprint, 2001)
Martin Archer: Winter pilgrim arriving -beginning- (Winter pilgrim arriving, Discus, 2000)
Transient V Resident: Culm -ending- (Medulla, Discus, 2001)
Martin Archer & Geraldine Monk: #6 (Angel high wires, La cooka Ratcha /Voiceprint, 2001)
Autrement qu'être: His jealousy (Othello as Noise opera, DSA, 2001)

Eugene Chadbourne and The Insect and Western party: Nymphialiadae (Beauty andthe bloodsucker, Leo records, 1996)
Derek Bailey & Eugene Chadbourne: When he sings (Tout for tea, Rectangle, ?)
Eugene Chadbourne and The Insect and Western party: Mexican yellow (Beauty andthe bloodsucker, Leo records, 1996)
Eugene Chadbourne's Insect and Western: Madagascar (The intellectual andemotional world of the cockroach, Ponk, 1999)
Absolute Zero: Bared Cross (Crashing Icons, prerelease, 2001)
Sophie Agnel / Lionel Marchetti / Jérôme Noetinger: #2 (Rouge, gris, bruit,Potlatch, 2001)
Pimmon: #1 (Zesde mixer Pimmon -Köhn, Stichting Mixer Staalplaat, 2002)
Pimmon: Jaipur Hobo (Copper Hate, Freedom from, ?)

Tractor's revenge: Canakin Clink (Othello, Gazul, 2001)
Tractor's revenge: Senate (Othello, Gazul, 2001)
Present: Strychnine for Christmas (High Infidelity, Carbon 7, 2001)
Yref: La salida (es-03, Split w/ Wilberg, Emphase records, 200?)
AMT vs PKB: Mioru (Transphere 1997_1999, Erewhon, 2001)
Martin Archer & Geraldine Monk: #4 (Angel high wires, La cooka Ratcha /Voiceprint, 2001)
Fushitsusha: #2 (Origin's hesitation, PSF, 2001)
Vajra: live 27.01.02, Mandala 2, Tokyo, Japan

07/03/02 :
Telecognac / Jarboe : · (presented here as OVER / Crouton Music 2000)
Mueller (folktales 2 / Crouton music 2001) -extrait de 5 min.
Aranos / Mueller / Rosenau : The Other is B Flat (Bleeding in Behind Pastel Screens / Crouton Music 2000)
Marchetti / Bonvalot / Barmedru : track 2 (Crête / ektic 2001)
Merzbow : Piano Space for Marimo Kitty (Dharma / Hydrahead – Double Hnoise Industries, 2001)
Merzbow : Wind / Reactance (Vibractance / Erostrate 1998) extrait de 6 min.
Merzbow : Takemitsu (Amlux /Important records 2002)

Ron Anderson: Flying in the face of convention (Anything is possible,Megaphone/Amanita, 2000)
PAK: All right OK (Unreleased demo, 2000)
RonRuins: Cathedral (Big shoes, Magaibutsu, 2001)
Henry Cow: Industry (Western culture, Rer, 1978/2001)
Tim Hodgkinson: Hold to the zero, Imagine (Each in our thoughts,Megaphone/Woof, 1994)
Henry Cow: Viva Pa Ubu (Western culture, Rer, 1978/2001)
Henry Cow: Moments of delights (The last nightingale, Rer, 1984)
Jean Pallandre/Alain Savouret: Le mal de toi (Bribes, SP, 1991)

Lutz Glandien: Punch on the fly (The 5th elephant, Rer Recommended, 2001)
Lutz Glandien: Midi machine control (The 5th elephant, Rer Recommended, 2001)
Martin Archer & Geraldine Monk: #11 (Angel High Wires, La cookaRatcha/Voiceprint, 2001)
Jliat: #3 (Nineteen seventy four, ?, 1974)
Jliat:  When we focus...(When we focus..., Komrades in Noize, ?)
Jliat: #2 (A well tempered clavier, ?, ?)
Ohm: Club Nowhere 11-29-97 (Raw ohm, Snowdonia/Mizmaze, 2001)
Bob Drake: Some accursed things (The skull mailbox, (Crumbling Tomes archive /Nitre-encrusted records/rer Recommended), 2001)

Karera Musication (=Boredoms): #1-2 (Koroshiya Ichi original soudntrack,Cinemamonsoon, 2001)
Massacre: Hover (Metldown, Tzadik, 2001)
Smoking the century away: Professing the non-pasteurized (Floralia vol.3, Wot4,1999)
Pierre Bastien & Klimperei: Une souris verte (No more no mouroir, InPolySons/Gazul, 2001)
Kuwayama-Kijima: 00/10/17e (00/10/17d 00/10/17e, 2 city, 2001)
Joe McPhee: Homeless (Mister Peabody goes to Baltimore, High Zero, 2001)
Diane Labrosse: Curieux mélange pour amateurs auditifs de la jeune radio(Ohmix, Ohm, 2001)
Mnortham: -excerpt- (Coyot, Erewhon, 2001)

Ryoji Ikeda : 1'11"  (Time / Space (LP), Staalplaat, 2001)
Bondage Fruit : Old Blind Cat (IV, Maboroshi no sekai, ?)
Kido Natsuki  : Mouse (Solo, Troubadour Cafe, 2000)
Pere Furu : track 1 (Maboroshi no sekai,?)
Pere Furu : track 4 (Maboroshi no seka,i 2001)
Joelle Leandre & kazue sawai : organic_mineral (ep., In Situ, 2001)
Kaffe Matthews : track 2 (Zevende Mixer, Stichting Mixer, 2001)
GoodiePal: Track 2 (Beo Bio,?,?)
Goodiepal : Icon Dub /  Narc Beacon (?,ski-pp, 2001)
Goodie Pal / Mainpal : Stomp Naffer /  Narc Beacon (?, ski-pp, 2001)
SpaceHeads & Max Eastley : Interstellar Escalator (Time of the Ancient Astronaut, Bip Hop, 2001)
Telepherique : Contact IV : eine Sonate (Excerpt) (Telepherique Mail ArtOrchestra, SSSM, 2001)

The Necks: 10 first minutes (Hanging Gardens, Rer, 2001)
Skuli Sverrisson: Crash frozen (Seremonie, Extreme, 1996)
Ludovic Fresse: Le cadavre apprivoisé (Le cancer du nombril, KhoKhot, 2001)
Ludovic Fresse: Requiem pour un flipper (Le cancer du nombril, KhoKhot, 2001)
Missselfdestrrruction: Animal (Asimmetrica, Snowdonia, 2001)
Mutable: ? (Meatballs flying underground, Snowdonia, 2001)
Maisie: Las Momias (original version)
Falter Bramnk & Maisie: Las Momias (Music is a fish defrosted with ahair-dryer, Snowdonia/Mizmaze, 2001)
Bob Drake: The wig screamed murder (The skull mailbox, (Crumbling Tomes archive / Nitre-encrusted records/rer Recommended), 2001)

Paolo Angeli : Game over (Linea di fuga, PJP/Erosha, 1998)
Alfredo Costa Monteiro: #3 (Paper music, Hazardrecords, 2001)
Falming Fire: Word up! (Get old and die, autoprod, 2001)
Flaming Fire: Whiskey river (Get old and die, autoprod, 2001)
Kiss Erzsi Music: Deladela (Deladela, Bahia, 2001)
Peter Wright: Dream (Automaton, Apoplexy, 2001)
Peter Wright: 5 minutes 3 sec (A tiny camp in the wilderness, Celebrate psi phenomenon, 2001)
Sandoz Lab technician: Microverse wall paper (ep., 2city, 2001)
Yuko Nexus 6: Omiya park (Early works 2, autoprod, 2001)
Yuko Nexus 6: -extract- (Soundtrack for Tari Itoh's perfromance "Me being me", autoprod, 2001)
Yuko Nexus 6: Tokyo (Batofar cherche Tokyo, Sonore, 2001)
This Heat: Rimp Ramp Rump (Made available - Peel sessions, These, ?)

Focus on forthcoming concerts for the CRIME's festival vol.2:
Martin Klapper/ Roger Turner: Hearse T (Recent croaks, Acta records, 1997)
Konk Pack: ? (Big deep, ?, ?)
Paolo Angeli: Onde medie (Linea di fuga, PJP/Erosha, 1998)
Paolo Angeli: Acqua Passata (Linea di fuga, PJP/Erosha, 1998)
Focus on Pahl & Klimperei's recent melodies :
Frank Pahl & Klimperei: Ladies' kisses (Music for desserts, In PolySons/Gazul, 2001)
Klimperei: La main sur la vitre (Tout seul sur la plage en hiver, Gazul,1990/2001)
Falter Bramnk & Maisie: Barbapapa disc jokey (Music is a fish defrosted with a hair-dryer, Snowdonia/Mizmaze, 2001)
Al & Del: Pox final (Poppies of fourteen, Snowdonia/Novel cell poem,2001)
Scavenger quartet: Delirium waltz (Whistling for leftovers, Snowdonia, 2001)

Miriodor: La célèbre boucle/ Le règne des termites (Mekano, Cuneiform, 2001)
Eskalation : Mumien 'Different music for bassoon, wind synthesizer..., Gazul, 2000)
Jon Rose / The Hyperstring project: Warriors (New dynamic of roguecounterpoint, Rer, 2000)
Koji Asano: -extract- (Crevasses, Solstice, 2001)
Loren Mazzacane Connors: ? (A possible dawn, Hat noir, 1997)
Loren Mazzacane Connors: extract (The bridge, Megalon, 1998)
Loren Mazzacane Connors / Alan Licht: Slowly, slowly, slowly (Hoffman estates, Drag city, ?)
Stragula: Aquarium (Stragula meets the hangman, Snowdonia/ Mizmaze, 2001)
Miriodor: La polka des sphères (Mekano, Cuneiform, 2001)

08/01/02 Special sequence in "What'sUp" show about Matmos
Electric Things #5 (Matmos)- Vague Terrain / Matador 1999
Freak'n'you (split w/Motion) - fat-cat 2000
Lipo Studio (… and so on) (A chance to cut is a chance to cure)- Matador 2001
Hijack (remix of Ground Zero - Consummation) - Creativeman Disc 1998
Disc - Bad Boy'97 (Moonlanding) - Helicopter
Lesser - Then + Intuit like an Inuit (Ceanhound) - Matador 2001
Björk: Aurora (Vespertine / Wea/Elektra Entertainment, 2001)
Matmos Spondee (A chance to cut is a chance to cure)- Matador 2001

03/01/02: Problème technique à RCV !