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25/12/03: Merry Christmas !

Non credo: Latex heart ( A classic guide to No Man's Land II, No Man's Land, 2003)
Twink: The edge of darkness (fdisk, Acidsoxx musicks, 2003)
Auditem: Two (Concert for detuned piano, Acidsoxx musicks, 2003)
Dick Acidsoxx: Here cum the bugz (Apokypz bugz,Acidsoxx musicks, 2001)
Charlotte Hug/ Chantale Laplante: Matières agitées (Brillliant days, For 4 ears, 2003)
Jeff Parker/ Kevin Drumm/ Michael Zerang: Lacerate (Out trios volume two, Atavistic, 2003)
Robert Wyatt: I'm a believer (Solar flares bun for you, Cuneiform, 2003)

Robert Wyatt: God song (Solar flares bun for you, Cuneiform, 2003)


Lutz Glandien: As they sunk (Lost in rooms, Rer, 2003)

The Necks: Drive by -12 first minutes- (Drive by, Rer, 2003)

Motor Totemist Guild: Jump cut - theatrical trailer (A classic guide to No Man's Land II, No Man's Land, 2003)

The Science group: Dance of the arguments (Spoors, rer, 2003)

Amy Denio: Courante (Bach cello suite n°1, Spoot music, 2003)

Vril: Uncanny haversack (Effigies in cork, Rer, 2003)

PAK: Jake wears his sandals on his head (100% Human hair, Ra sounds, 2003)

Ron Anderson & Jason Willett: Ain't got no money (Be the first on the block to eat the snake, ra sounds, 2003)

Stars like fleas: I've pumped your stomach and broken through your skin (Sun lights down on the fence, Praemedia, 2003)

04/12/03: absents !

Thinking Plague: Blown apart ( A history of madness, Cuneiform, 2003)
The Science group: Timeline 2 (Spoors, Rer, 2003)
Charlemagne Palestine: Duo strumming for two harpsichords - part2 ( Continuous sounds form, Alga marghen, 2000)
Masaya Asahara group: Continue/ First tempo (St Agnes Fountain, Discus/ Audiolaceration, 1974/2003)
Ptôse: Ecraser la vermine ! (PPP K015 + PPP K009, Halte aux records, 1981-83/2003)

Steamboat Switzerland: Unknown song (Unknown song/Zone, Grob, 2001)
Thierry De Mey: Frisking (UNdo, Sub Rosa, 1993?)
Stars lights fleas: As hard as you want (Sun lights down on the fence, Praemedia, 2003)
Ken Hyder & Vladimir Miller: Angel's son -excerpt- (Counting on angels, Slam records, 2003)
Charlie Collins & John Jasnoch: The concept (Desire & need, Slamrecords, 2003)
Gamara: Fra ma ga ra (Speaking in tongues, Ambiances Magnétiques,2003)
L'ensemble Pierre Labbé: Combats de coqs (Risque et pendule, Ambiances Magnétiques, 2003)
Curlew: Leaven( Mercury, Cuneiform, 2003)
La philharmonie du bon vide: Blues dodécaféïné(ON joue à la musique, Mamaille, 2003)

Torngat: new groove (Sang 9, Ambiances Magnétiques, 2003)
In Vitro: Organisme (Sang 9, Ambiances Magnétiques, 2003)
La pieuvre: ? (Concert u 9/11/03 au Grand Mix, Tourcoing)
Chris Cundy/ James Dunn: Ad hominem (Grace & Delete, Ochre records, 2003)
Tim Perkis: Farb (Motive, Praemedi, 2003)
David Lee Myers/ Arcane Device : Lathe (Engynes of myth, Rer, 1988/2003)

Steamboat switzerland: Uncle Globus (Live, Unit, 1998)
Steamboat switzerland: Music 1 / Slosh/ Gold (Live, Unit, 1998)

Franck Vigroux: Traversata (Lilas triste, D'autres cordes, 2003)

Thinking Plague: Least aether for saxophone / Le goufre / The underground stream (A history of madness, Cuneiform, 2003)

Syrinx: Reification -excerpt- (Reification, autoprod, 2003)

Volapük: Where is Tamashii ? (Where is Tamashii?, Orkhestra, 2003)

Banda Elastica: Insomnio (Los awakates de Nepantla, Paraiso, 1994)

Maraca: Walachia (Magic playing, Indies records, 2003)
Thinking Plague: Gudamy Le Mayagot (A history of madness, Cuneiform, 2003)
Thinking Plague: Consolamentum (A history of madness, Cuneiform, 2003)
Xavier Charles / Jean Pallandre/ Marc Pichelin: Freight train (Carte postale d'Atlanta, Ouïe-dire, 2003)
Jon Rose: Start the people / Wake up people ! / Working people (The people's music, Rer, 2003)
Fred Frith: Part IV / Part V (Rivers and tides, Winter & Winter, 2003)
Claudio Rocchetti: My love was sitting on the mortician's knees (The work called kitano, Bar La muerte, 2003)

Curlew: Still (Mercury, Cuneiform, 2003)
Love Tank: Chemical flight (Leather USA, Phasepacket rec., 2003)
Soft Machine: As if (BBC Radio 1971-74, Hux records, 2003)
Robert Wyatt: Alifib (Solar flares burn for you, Cuneiform, 2003)
Fredophonie + Toupidek Limonade: Le traineau du père Noël (Pechno hits, In poly sons, 2003)
Ptôse: Boule viens ici ! (PPP K015 + PPP K009, Halte aux records, 1981-83/2003)
Laurent Pernice: Ploutonium 94 (Infrajazz, Land, 2003)
Birdsongs of Mesozoic: Tectonic melange (The iridium controversy, Cuneiform, 2003)
Ozone Quartet: Backbone of night (Live at local 506, Flat five rec., 2003)
JP Saccomani & J-L H. Berthelot: Oscillo-structure en équilibre incertain (Equilibre thermique de l'igloo en phase de fonte, PCM + Somewhere in time, 2002)


L'ensemble rayé: Bananalog (Pechno hits, In Poly Sons, 2003)

Act: Room 244 (XL, Amanita records, 2003)

Act: Fuel (XL, Amanita records, 2003)

Laurent Pernice: Non sens (Infrajazz, Land, 2003)
David Lee Myers / Arcane Device: Live-back (Engynes of myth, Rer, 1988/2003)
David Sylvian: The only daughter (Blemish, Samadhisound, 2003)
Frédéric Blondy / Lê Quan Ninh: Le hasard est une main plus sûre (Exaltatio utriusque mundi, Potlatch, 2003)
Faust: Jassie/Ironies/Zerr:aus/Drone organ (Patchwork, Staugbold, 2002)

Klimperei: Viens faire un tour sur mon scooter (Pechno Hits, In Poly Sons, 2003)
Volapük: Vol de voiture (Where is Tamashii ?, Orkhestra, 2003)
Fred Frith: Part VIII (Rivers and Tides - working with time, Winter & Winter, 2003)
Robert Wyatt: Cuckoo Madame (Cuckooland, Rykodisc, 2003)
Alain de Filippis: Héli-plop (Sonorama, inédit, 2003)
Falter Bramnk: Portrait sonore d'Alain de Filippis (s/t, inédit, 2003)
Otomo Yoshihide: #2 (Blue, Headz, 2003)
Herve Diasnas: Brume (Les buveurs de brume, Vand'oeuvre, 2003)

David Sylvian: A fire in the forest (Blemish, Samadhisound, 2003)
David Sylvian: The good son (Blemish, Samadhisound, 2003)
Alan Licht: Freaky Friday (A New York minute, XI records, 2003)
Phil Niblock: AYU Live (Touch works for hurdy gurdy and voice, Touch, 2003)
Joël Hubaut: -excerpt- (Lissez les couleurs, AL Dante, 2003)
Spring Heel Jack: -excerpt- (Live, Thirsty ear, 2003)

Damo Suzuki's network: Winner writes history (Odyssey, DNW, 2000)
Sussan Deyhim / Richard Horowitz: Got away (Desert equations : Azax Attra, Crammed discs, 1997/2003)
Compagnia d'arte drummatica musica incidentale: Entomology (Oufti, Erosha, 2003)
Alan licht: Muhammed Ali & the crickets ( A New York minute, XI records, 2003)
Désacordes: Abacouma (Cordeyades, CIP Audio, 2003)
Satoru Wono: Sonata 2nd mov. Scherzo (Sonata for sine wave and white noise, Sonore, 2003)
Amy Denio: Epic loop (Chickenhawks ought not, Spoot music, 2003)
Arc Lalove: 140702 -excerpt- (Ego consumimur, Pricilia, 2003)


Aqsak Maboul: (Mit 1) Saure Gurk (Onze danses pour combattre la migraine, Crammed discs, 1977/2003)

Aqsak Maboul: Son of l'idiot (Onze danses pour combattre la migraine,Crammed discs, 1977/2003)

Aqsak Maboul: I viaggi formano la giovento (truc turc) (Un peu de l'âme des bandits, Crammed discs, 1980/95)
Aqsak Maboul / The honeymoon killers: Bosses de crosses (Un peu de l'âme des bandits, Crammed discs, 1980/95)
The honeymoon killers: Décollage (Les tueurs de la lune de miel, Crammed discs, 1982/2003)
Aqsak Maboul: Scratch holiday (Made to measure vol.1, Crammed discs, 1984)
Aqsak Maboul: Retour chez les futuristes (Made to measure vol.1, Crammeddiscs, 1984)
Patricia Dallio: De ses mains si blêmes (L'encre des voix secrètes, In-possible records, 2003)
The abstractions: The bitter undiscovered alienated (male) genius club (Ars vivende, Edgetone/Paxrecordings, 2003)
The abstractions: A furiously fatal future (Ars vivende, Edgetone/Paxrecordings, 2003)


The honeymoon killers: Rush ( Les tueurs de la lune de miel, Crammed discs, 2003)

The honeymoon killers: Route nationale 7 ( Les tueurs de la lune de miel, Crammed discs, 2003)

The honeymoon killers w/h Aksak Maboul: Truc turc -excerpt- ( Les tueursde la lune de miel, Crammed discs, 2003)

Miss Goulash: Majeur en danger (Hara Pacific chimie station, Ektic, 2003)

Miss Goulash: "..." (Hara Pacific chimie station, Ektic, 2003)

Heon: Le verdict: (Requiem électro-acoustique, Unicorn, 2003)

Patricia Dallio: Les louves (L'encre des voix secrètes, In-possible records, 2003)

The abstractions: Lurch (Ars vivende, Edgetone/Pax recordings, 2003)

Michael J. Schumacher: Piece in 3 parts -excerpt- (Room pieces, XI records, 2003)

Day & Taxi: Wlater & Claudia (Private, Percaso, 2003)
Day & Taxi: Ann's wedding song (Private, Percaso, 2003)
Christoph Gallio: Inu (Mösiöbliö "A Robert Filliou", Percaso, ?)
Eyvind Kang: Innocent eye, crystal see (Virginal coordinates, I dischi di angelica, 2003)
Fred Frith's Workshop: Seven replies to unasked question (Angelica 92, CaiCai music, 1993)
Paolo Angeli: E Vai ! (Bucato, Rer, 2003)
Kaoru Abe: Alto saxophone improvisation (The last recording, DIW, 2003)
John Duncan: -excerpt- (Infrasound - Tidal, Allquestions, 2003)
Alexandre Bellanger: -excerpt- (Vibrating strings, Acid resistant records, 2003)
Bellanger/ Queysanne: #1 -excerpt- (4*7min30, Acid resistant records, 2003)

Wintsch/Baumann/Frith/Trontin: Sirènes (Whisperings, RecRec, 2003)
Bertrand Denzler/Hans Koch: Asymétrie 4 (Asymétries, Ambiances Magnétiques, 2003)
Klaxon gueule: Fer pour bronze (Grain, Ambiances Magnétiques, 2003)
Martin Tétrault / Otomo Yoshihide: Duo 6 (Stuio- analogique- numérique, Ambiances Magnétiques, 2003)
Tim Brady: Sound off (Unison rituals, Ambiances Magnétiques, 2003)
Ida Kelarova & Romano Rat: ? (Indies records 2002, Indies rec., 2003)
Bone: Chaos, no pasties (Uses wrist grab, Cuneiform, 2003)
Fred Frith's Keep the Dog: Domaine de Langendreer (That house we lived in, Fred records, 2003)

Flat earth society: Black snow ( Bonk, Zonk, 2000)
Maraca: Sonhos (Longe, Indies records, 2003)
King Crimson: Uböö (Heavy Construktion, DGM, 2000)
Shub Niggurath: La nef des fous (C'étaient de très grands vents, Gazul, 1991)
Shub Niguurath: #5 (s/t, Gazul, 2003)
Shub Niggurath: J'ai vu naguère... (Les morts vont vite, Gazul, 1986/1997)
Eyvind Kang: Marriage of days (Virginal coordinates, I dischi di angelica, 2003)
Stefano Zorzanello: Luoghi che aspettano (Mistress, Erosha, 1998)
Bruce Haack: Incantation(hush little robot, ?, 2003)

Maraca: I know (Longe, Indies records, 2003)
Maraca: I am the escaped one (Longe, Indies records, 2003)
Krakatoa: Rotor blade (We are the rowboats, Cuneiform, 2003)
Bone (Didkovsky/Hopper/Roulat): Danzig ( Uses wrist grab, Cuneiform, 2003)
Bone (Didkovsky/Hopper/Roulat): We'll ask the questions around here, part2 ( Uses wrist grab, Cuneiform, 2003)
Flat earth society: Skinny/The electrocutionner ( Bonk, Zonk records, 2000)
The Billies: Calder's circus ( Short cuts, Zip! BMI, 2003)
Amy Denio: Rythmic Ping Pong (Chikenhawks ought not, Spoot music, 2003)
Bruire: Redondance cylindrique (Une théorie des ensembles, Ambiances Magnétiques, 1992)
Klaxon Gueule: Fer(huilé) (Grain, Ambiances Magnétiques, 2003)

5UU's: Well..not chikenshit (Hunger's teeth, ReR, 1994)
Fred Frith: Ahead in the sand(Speechless, Fred records, 1981/2003)
Fred Frith's Keep the dog: Rock and a hard place / Hola, on danse (That house we lived in, Fred Records, 2003)
Derek Bailey / Antoine Berthiaume/ Fred Frith: Wolf's wood (Soshin, Ambiances magnétiques, 2003)
The Hat Shoes: Skinny Moon (Differently desperate, RecRec, 2003)
The Hat Shoes: Le chapelier (Home, RecRec, 2003)
Nucleus: Song for the bearded lady (Live in Bremen, Cuneiform, 1971/2003)

Klar: Now more than ever (Between coma and consciousness, Die, 2002)
Tara Fuki: Cien (Piosenki do snu, Indies rec., 2001)
Larval: Something is about t happen (Obedience, Cuneiform, 2003)
Bast 4tet: Scape (Altrastrata, ReR, 2003)
Toshimaru Nakamura and Tetuzi Akiyama: #6 (Meeting at Off site vol.2, Improvised Music from Japan, 2003)
Oren Ambarchi and Martin Ng: Vigil part3 (Vigil, Queck silber, 2003)
Kuwayama - Kijima: 102.08.31e (02.08.31, 30oiseaux, 2003)

The Ex + Tom Cora: The big black (Shrug their shoulders, RecRec, 1993)
Guapo: Cantopop (Hirohito, Pandemonium, 1998)
Jean Pallandre /  Alain Savouret: L'vo qu'j'ai d'din (Bribes, sp01,1991)
Paolo Angeli: Passe-partout (Bucato, Rer, 2003)
Unsolicited Music Ensemble: Smal Edison screw (Bulbs, Slam records, 2003)
Blast 4tet: Walking matters (Altrastrata, Rer, 2003)
Eric Chasalow: In a manner of speaking (Left to hiw own devices, New world records, 2003)
Luciano Berio / Cathy Berberian: Ballo (Recital I for Cathy/ Folk songs/3 songs by Kurt Weill, BMG, 1995)

Alfred Harth: Sejongno Boulevard (eShip sum, 1000cd, 2003)
Guapo: Maoists vs Taoists (Hirohito, Pandemonium, 1998)
EXIAS-J electric conception "avant garde": Broadening distribution variation 2 (2002.11.17 live at air-gin,Yokohama, PSF, 2003)
Guilty Connector und Tabata: Edge of the daydream (s/t, Evenstitle, 2003)
Alfred Harth: Shambhala (eShip sum, 1000cd, 2003)
Alfred Harth: Stereodyn (Pollock, Orkestrian Schallfolien, ?)
Alfred Harth's Tattoo: #1 (s/t, ?, 2001)
Alfred Harth's Imperial Hoot: Higher worlds (Secrets of the developmen, Blue noises, 1999?)
Alfred Harth: De gloria Oliviae (eShip sum, 1000cd, 2003)


Pascal Ayerbe : Mets tes gants sur ta tête (Les gribouillis, Depuis la chambre, 2002)

Pascal Ayerbe: Tchic ploum et Kiclou (Les gribouillis, Depuis la chambre, 2002)

Dominique Grimaud: Valse-star (Rag-time, In poly Sons, 2003)
Palo Alto: Avant la naissance (Asphodèles de l'asphalte, Halte aux records, 2003)
Charles Hayward: My madness (Abracadabra information, Locus Solus, 2003)
Kenneth Gaburo: Antiphony IV (Poised) (Fiwe works for voice, instrumentsand electronics, New World records, 2003)
Gordon Mumma: Medium size mograph (Live-electronic music, Tzadik, 2002)


Aksak Maboul: A modern lesson (Un peu de l'âme des bandits, Crammed discs, 1980)
The hat shoes: Seisme (Home, RecRec, 2003)
The work: State-room (Slow crimes, Megaphone records, 1982)
The hat shoes: L'amour assi (Home, RecRec, 2003)
Wintsch/Baumann/Frith/Trontin: Sleeping in a dream (Whisperings, RecRec,2003)
Frith/Derome/Tanguay/Boisen: Heads up (All is bright, but it is not day,Ambiances mAgn"tiques, 2002)
Palo Alto: Les flots sont moins bleus que les sables (Asphodèles de l'asphalte, Halte aux records, 2003)
Ovo: Rakia (Vae Victis, Bar La Muerte, 2002)
Bob Drake: Griffin' (13 songs and a sing, ReR, 2003)
Bossetti/Doneda/Rainey: #2 (Placés dans l'air, Potlatch, 2003)

Wintsch / Baumann / Frith / Trontin: Lunatic fringe (Whisperings, RecRec, 2003)
Charles Hayward: Silo 2 3 (Abracadabra information, Locus Solus, 2003)

Alfred Harth: La place où se cachent le mot oublié (eShip sum, 1000cd, 2003)

Otomo Yoshihide & Sachiko M: #11 (War holes / Warhol memory disorder, HEyeRMEarS, 2003)

Hugh Hopper: t3 (Jazzloops, Bruning shed, 2003)
Soft Machine: Fletcher's blemish (BBC Radio 1967-71, Hux records, 2003)


Larsen Rupin: Contredanses (Contredanses, Larsen Rupin, 2003)

Tottemo Godzilla: Shiba-inu (Klippa kloppa - soundish, Snowdonia, 2003)

Maisie: Post Modern ! (Bacharach for President, Bruno Maderna superstar,Snowdonia, 2003)

Lori Freedman: Slappys pazzgruy (A un moment donné, Ambiances Magnétiques, 2003)

Carles Andreu/François Tusques: 54045 'Arc Voltaic, In Situ, 2003)

Otomo Yoshihide & Sachiko M: #5 (War holes / Warhol memory disorder,HEyeRMEarS, 2003)

Thomas Périn: Achille Talonne supernova (Calligraphies sonores, L'oreille électronique, 2003)

24/04/03 :
Larsen Rupin : La langue de bois (A ban, Larsen Rupin,1991/2003)
Larsen Rupin : Les vaches maigres (A ban, Larsen Rupin,1991/2003)
Larsen Rupin: Hercule 1 (Contredanses, Larsen Rupin, 2003)

Soft Machine: Instant Pussy (BBC Radio 1967-71, Hux Records, 2003)
Daniel Schell & Dick Annegran: Egmont (Egmont and the FF Boom, Musique Belgique Archive, 1976/2003)
XPerX: ? (s/t, Recording, 2002)
Thomas Périn: Gare aux autruches (Calligraphies sonores, L'oreille électronique, 2003)
Thomas Périn: 2nde improvisation (Calligraphies sonores, L'oreille électronique, 2003)
Gen Ken Montgoméry: STorage devices (Pondfloorsample, XI records,2002)

Kawabata & Miyamoto: ? (Acid Mothers Temple family compilation,earworm, 2002)
Naoaki Miyamoto: Face ? (Live at 20000V, ?, ?)
Otomo Yoshihide & Martin Tétrault: ? (?, Ambiances Magnétiques, ?)
Haco & Sakamoto Hiromishi: Moonfish dance (Ash in the rainbow, Rer, 2002)
After Dinner: A walnut (Paradise of replica, RecRec, 1989)
Fred Frith / Jean Derome / Pierre Tanguay / Myles Boisen: Where your children are (All is bright, but it is not day, Ambiances Magnétiques, 2002)
Les Poules: Chaud-froid (Prairie orange, Ambiances Magnétiques, 2002)
Set fire to flames: Small steps against inertia (Telegraphs in negative / Mouths trapped in static, 13/03/8, 2003)

Set fire to flames: Somthing about Eva Mattes in the halo of exploding street lamps (Telegraphs in negative / Mouths trapped in static, 13/03/8, 2003)


Robert Poss: Them for an imaginary car commercial (Crossing Casco Bay, Trace element records, 2002)

Robert Poss: Showbiz (Distortion is truth, Trace element records, 2002)
Robert Poss: Drift (Crossing Casco Bay, Trace element records, 2002)

Bob Drake: Pechan and Willy (13 songs and a sing, ReR, 2003)

Michel Doneda / Urs Leimgruber / Keith Rowe: The first part (The difference between a fish, Potlatch, 2003)

Robert Poss: Zener shunt (Distortion is truth, Trace element records, 2002)

AA Kismet: Oscilloscope (No mouroir, In Poly Sons/Gazul, 2002)
Bob Drake: Ten for a dime (13 songs and a sing, ReR, 2003)
Bob Drake: Building with bones -or- A thing (13 songs and a sing, ReR, 2003)
Bob Drake: And the sun (13 songs and a sing, ReR, 2003)
Haco & Sakamoto Hiromishi: Hot road (Ash in the rainbow, ReR, 2002)
Triolid (Dailleau / Duthoit / Chiesa): Falaises (Urs Lamento, Potlatch, 2002)
Clocked out duo: The theme 2 (Water pushes sand, Clocked out productions, 2002)

Clocked out duo: Delicious ironies (Water pushes sand, Clocked out productions, 2002)

Erik Griswold: Peace for january (More than my old piano, Clocked out productions, 2002)


Ovo: Pig fucker (My first cowboy, Bar La Muerte, 2002)

Bob Drake: Rtuuf (13 songs and a thing, ReR, 2003)

Art Zoyd: Générique / La ville d'en bas (Metropolis, In-possible records, 2002)

Bruno Meillier: Benjoin (Onze bonbons, Orkhestra, 2002)

Marc Sens: The last dance (?,?,1999)

Silent block: Elastic (#1, Khôkhôt, ?)
Xavier Charles / Jacques Di Donato: Du savon glagol (Du savon glagol, Khôkhôt, 1996)
The Necks: Aether -extract from 32'10 to... (Aether, ReR, 2002)


Thinking Plague: Dead silence (In extremis, Cuneiform, 1998)
Fred Frith: Life of a detective (Prints, Fred records, 2002)
Jacopo Andreini: Uno di troppo (VS900 vol.1, Bar La Muerte, 2002)
Allun: Il chiodo rosso (Onussen, Bar La muerte, 2002)
Ossatura: Dice (Verso, rer, 2002)
5ive: The hemophiliac dream (The hemophiliac dream EP, Tortuga records, 2002)
Davis Redford Triad: All mystics are numbered/ Blue cloud (Code Orange live, Holy Mountain, 2002)


King Crimson: Level five (The power to believe, Sanctuary, 2003)

Centrozoon: Golden Lamb finale (Sampler #2, Burning shed, 2003)

Hugh Hopper: Sfranki (Jazzloops, Burning shed, 2003)
Hugh Hopper: Acloop (Jazzloops, Burning shed, 2003)
Ruins: Issighirudoh (Tzomvorgha, Magaibutsu, 2002)
Reynols: Clar Mogal Saliede Tiermo (No-reynols, Freedom form, 2001)
Pauline Oliveros w/h Reynols: We are still thinking about the title ? (In the arm of Reynols, Lowlands, ?)
Ovo /Rollerball: Hiperspasm (My very first cowboy, Bar La Muerte, 2002)
21st century schizoid band: I talk to the wind (Official bootleg vol.1, autoprod, 2002)

Asa Chang & Junray: Tabla Bol Catastrophe (Tabla Magma Bongo, Trattoria,1998)
Asa Chang & Junray : Toremoro (Tsu Gi Ne Pu, Leaf, 2003)
Will Sergeant : Foundation (Weird as fish / Le Via Luonge, Ochre 2003)
I:Wound : track 4 (Ram Nam Satya Hai, Amber music 2002)
Matt Shoemaker : I (Warung Elusion, Trente Oiseaux 2002)
Merzbow : Mode for value and intention (Merzbow / Kouhei split, Cross Fade Entertainment 2002)
Kouhei : Inside out of Window (Natiho Toyota / Kouhei split, Deserted Factory 2002)
JLIAT : Fire Fight North of Kabul (War, JLIAT 2002)
Will Sergeant : Incandescent Transistor (Weird as fish / Le Via Luonge, Ochre 2003)

Chris Cutler & Thomas Dimuzio: Shred / Return to task (Dust, Rer, 2002)
Martin Archer: Water grid (English common flowers, Discus, 2002)
Martin Archer & Geraldine Monk: #11 (ANgel high wires, La cooka Ratcha / Voiceprint, 2001)
Martin Archer / Gerladine Monk / Julie Tippetts: Metablethers (Fluvium, Discus, 2003)
Martin Archer: A dream of broken and floating doors (Winter pilgrim arriving, Discus, 2000)
Martin Archer: Fantastic individual (English common flowers, Discus, 2002)
Fred Frith / JP Drouet / Louis Scalvis: There are great stones, we must lift them -10 last min.- (I dream of you jumping, Victo, 2002)
George Cartwright w/h Paul Haines & Amy Denio: In serious vein (The memphis years, Cuneiform, 2000)


Fred Frith: Sparrow song (Step across the border, Fred Records, 2002)

Fred Frith: #2-3 (Prints, Fred Records, 2002)
Fred Frith: Out of their heads (Guitar solos, Fred records, 2002)
Didier Petit NOHC: Techno 3 in vivo (s/t, In Situ, 1998)
NOHC: Russian techno (On the road, Leo rec, 2000)
Kuwayama Kijima: 01.05.10h (01.05.10, Alluvial recordings, 2003)
Jidai: #8-9 (Nova, Stichting mixer, 2002)
Laurent Rousseau: #4 (Y'a de la nonne, Oreille électronique, ?)
Christian Rainer: Ein dumpfer klang (Mein braunes blut, Bar la muerte, 2002)
Lou Harrison: Air (La koro sutro, New Albion, 1988)


Headphone: Sublime parade (Work in progress, Ici d'ailleurs, 2003)
Kuwayama Kijima: 01.05.10a (01.05.10, Alluvial recordings, 2003)
Tetsazi Mikiyama: Lethargie (?, A bruit secret, 2002)
Haino Keiji: "C'est parfait" endoctrine tu tombes la tête la première (C'est parfait, ?, 2002)
KK Null: #2 (Erg per galaxy, Opposite records, 2002)


King Crimson: The power to believe II (The power to believe, Sanctuary records, 2003)
Daniel Palomo Vinuesa & Serendipity: La chat quantique (Le projet flou, autoprod, 2002)
Voodoo Muzzak: #1 (Brouillarta, Amanita records, 2002?)
Benjamin Renard & Fabrice Eglin: Witches part1 (s/t, Vert Pituite labelle, 2003)
Hajsch: Nagual part2 (1992, Sonig, 2002)
Lauren Weinger: Suction (Silo, rer, 2002)