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1998 :

Bob Drake: Ends of time (Little black train, Nitre-encrusted, 1996)
Guigou Chenevier: Salman Rushdie (Les rumeurs de la ville, Cuneiform,1998)
Kondo Tatsuo: Chrome yellow (90's japanese indep musics, Sonore ArtZero, 1998)
Zoikem: part4 (Vox clamantis in deserto, Tribal, 1997)
Ruins: Regard de l'esprit de joie (90's jap...)
Akaten: ? (4th, Magaibutsu, ?)
Acid mother temple: Hello Eskimos (90's jap...)
Ashra: Niemand lacht ruckwarts (Ashra, Think Progressive, 1998)
Bob Drake: Shed Cans (Little black trains...)

Gaji: quicbuck, quick fix (Gaji, Shimbashi, ?)
After Dinner: ?
Ground Zero: El derecho De Vivir en Paz+ Shinoshin ¾ (playsstandard,?,97)
Hundred sights of Koenji: Sllina Vezom (Viva Koenji, God Mountain, 1998)
Ruins:?(k7 Mars oct 97)
Perfect Hell: Child in Moonmadness (Sampler vol2, Magaibutsu, ?)
Ground Zero: ?(Plays standards...)
Boud Deun: Ralis (The stolen bycicle, Cuneiform, 1998)

Art Bears: Armed peace (The world as it is today, ?, 1980)
Thinking Plague: Behold the man (In Extremis, Cuneiform, 1998)
TP: Organism (In this life, ?, 1989)
5 UU's: Well...not chikenshit (Hunger's teeth, Recommended, 1994)
Motor Totemist Guild: Humus maskaself (Archive one, Rotary totem, 1996)
U Totem: ?(Strange attractors, Cuneiform, 1995)
TP: Les etudes d'Organism (In Extremis...)
Ebeling Hughes: My deity (Transfigured night, Zero hour, 1998)

Magma: Mekanik machine (Simples, 7th, 98)
Guigou Chenevier: Guerre (Les rumeurs de la ville, Cuneiform, 98)
Boud Deun: Burnsville (Stolen bicycle, Cuneiform, 98)
Thinking Plague: Maelstrom (In Extremis, Cuneiform, 98)
Hamster Theatre: Cat 2 (Siege on Hamburger city, A criticetus disc, 98)
5 UU's: Well...not chikenshit (Hunger's teeth, Cuneiform, 98)
Thinking Plague: The weird wind (In extremis, Cuneiform, 98)
Guapo: Chongo (Hiro Hito, Pandemonium, 98)
Hoppy Kamiyama: F.F.F. (Juice and tremolo, Sonore, 98)

Fukkeduck: Si vous etes Alfred Schlicks, then I have to be Julius Mein (Everything is low, Lowlands, 1998)
Thinking plague: Run amok (In this life, Cuneiform, ?)
Maisie: S.Substance (SBIM, Snowdonia, 98)
National Steam: Orion (National gloom, Eternity's fest, 98)
Wappa Gappa: the banquet (A myth, Musea, 98?)
Palo Alto: Moite equateur (Transe-plan, Gazul, 98)
Species being: parts 4-5-6 (Yonilicious, Grawspace, 98)
Magma: De Futura (Udu Wudu, 7th records, 76)

Ella Guru+Assistant: Uccidere straker! (SBIM, Snowdonia, 1998)
LA 1919: Jingle jungle (Giorni Felici, Materiali Sonori, 1998)
Parts: Codice 80880 (SBAM, Snowdonia, 1998)
The Trip: Prologuo -ext- (The Trip, BMG, 1970)
Bondage Fruit: Octopus command (Bondage Fruit, Maboroshi no sekai, 1994)
Saga Yuki: Mononychus (Fairy's fables, Mabo, 1995)
Hoppy Kamiyama: The Chugoku Electric Power Co (Juice and tremolo, Sonore, 1998)
John Greaves: Twenty two proverbs (Kew phone, Virgin, 1977)
Henry Cow: Living in the heart of the beast -ext- (In praise of learning, Virgin, 1975)
National Health: Collapso (In queues and cures, Charly, 1978)

Simon Goubert: The wind will come (Le phare des pierres noires,7th rec, 1998)
Magma: Zombies (Udu Wudu, 7th rec, 1976)
Zoikhem: Vox clamantis in deserto part3 (epo, Tribal, 1997)
Palo Alto: Labyrinth-jungle (Transe-plan, Gazul, 1998)
RonRuins: The UFOs have landed (Ketsunoana, Pandemonium, 1998)
Hoppy Kamiyama (Optical 8): Flesh for the jet set (Juice and tremolo, Sonore, 1998)
Frank Zappa: My guitar wants to kill your mama (?)

Marillion: the answering machine (Radiation, Velvel, 1998)
Galahad: Imago (Following ghost, Avalon, 1998)
A triggering myth: State of advanced confusion (The sins of our saviors, Laser's edge, 1998)
Anekdoten: slow fire (Live in Japan, Arcanglo, 1998)
Phreeworld: The empress (Crossing the sound, Friends in the garden, 1998)
Ebeling Hughes: Please thank you (Transfigured night, Zero hour,1998)
Tribe of Cro: Where science and magic meet (Hydroculture, UFCro,1998)
Silver Apples: Fire and noodle (The Garden, Whirlybird, 1998)

Magma: Udu Wudu (Udu Wudu, 7th rec, 1976)
Guapo: Essence...(Hiro Hito, Pandemonium, 1998)
Kicks: virde (Maboroshi no sekai'99, Maboroshi no sekai, 1998)
Univers Zero: Presage (Uzed, Cuneiform, 1984)
Anekdoten: Nucleus (Live in Japan, Arcanglo, 1998)
King Crimson: One more red nightmare (Red, EG rec, 1998)
Silver Apples: You and I (Beacon remixed, Whirly bird, 1998)

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