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Phil Minton, Noel Akchote, Lol Coxhill: The Christmas Song (late version) (s/t, Rectangle 1997)
Dave Witte / Chris Dodge:  untilted tracks tracks 6 + 7 (East-West Blast Test, Slap-a-Ham, 2001)
Focus on Reynols :
Miguel Tomasin: untilted track 1 (Wallmiyefterr ???, Freedom from, 2000)
Reynols: Intro - Zarzafran + Lohr Pocheros Misulini (Polos Mosco, Freedom from, 1999)
Miguel Tomasin: untilted track 7 (Wallmiyefterr ???, Freedom from, 2000)
No-Reynols: (inverted) 7 (Reynols / No-Reynols, Freedom from, 2001)
Dave Witte / Chris Dodge: untilted tracks 4, 11, 15, 18 (East-West Blast Test, Slap-a-Ham, 2001)
Undercurrent: Fish (Counter clock wise, Nikakari, 2001)
Janek Shaefer: Forglen (Above Buildings, Fat-Cat / Splinter series 2000)
Axel Dorner: untilted track 2 - excerpt (Trumpet, A Bruit Secret 2001)
Toshimaru Nakamura: nimb2 (No Input Mixing Board 2, A Bruit Secret 2001)
The Silver Mount Zion Memorial Orchestra and Tra-la-la band: C'mon Come On (Loose an Endless Longing) (Born into Trouble as The Sparks Fly Upward / Constellation 2001)

Dave Ball & Ingo Vauk: Wir brauhen dich #6 (Faust ravvivando remix, Klangbad, 2001)
Osaka Bondage: Another Zmrzlina (Vol.3, Shambala, 2001)
Fennesz / O'Rourke / Rehberg: Shinjuku baby pt1 (The magic sound of Fenno'berg, Mego, 1999)
Kazumoto Endo: Till the morning light (Never gonna make you cry, Kling film records, ?)
Karpaty Magiczne: Piesn III (Ksiega Utopii, Obuh rec, 2000)
Boo: La vie prochaine (ep., Indies records, 1999)
Iva Bittova/ Andreas Kröper: #12-19 (Echoes, Supraphon, 2001)
Pieces of brain: Band named endween (Crash the car Daddy, Mozg records, 2001)

Otomo Yoshihide / Novo Tono: Bokensha-tachi no Ballad ( Otomo Yoshihide plays the music of Takeo Yamashita,P.-Vine, 1999)
KK. Null : Heavy Water Part. 1 (Fourth Dimesion, 1993)
Tabata : Sleeper’s Concentration Camp (Brainsville, Elsie and Jack,?)
S. Isabella (feat. Yasutoshi Yoshida / Governement alpha) : S. Isabella End Theme (Point de Caption, Xerxes 1996)
KK Null : The last one minute or an excerpt (…) (from Moonlanding, Helicopter,?)
Koji Marutani : Scenes 6 (3 cadavres exquis, Erostrate, 1998) -extrait.
+ Focus on concert in Lille :
Satanicpornocultshop (DJ*Chola meets H=N=D) : [Brazil] a Circle with the Unknown Buddy Break
The Saboten : Jeremiah (excerpt) (Jeremiah, Saboten records CD-r, 2001)
The Saboten : Our gender in Nirvana ( IKU, Sonore / Snowdonia, 2001)
The Saboten : Zoo Motel (id.)

Falter Bramnk & Maisie: I'm swinging (Music is a fish defrosted with a hair-dryer, Snowdonia/Mizmaze, 2001)
Etron Fou Leloublan: Christine (43 songs, Musea,?)
Ferdinand: Histoire des meilleurs (En Avnt, en forme !, Orkhestra, 1985/2001)
Etron Fou Leloublan: Lavés à la machine (43 songs, Musea,?)
Ferdinand: Le bord de l'escargot (En Avnt, en forme !, Orkhestra, 1980/2001)
Al et Del: Bangers & Mash (ep., Sonwdonia/Novel cell poem, 2001)
Al et Del: Not now Noddy (ep., Sonwdonia/Novel cell poem, 2001)
Scavenger quartet: Leftovers (Whistling for leftovers, Snowdonia, 2001)
Magic secret room: Join( ep., Snowdonia/ Perdurabo, 2001)
Milky-Chu: Formalin hotcake (Young demo vol03, Young Z recordz, 2001)
Ryoma Maeda: Compass (April remixes Yoshihiro Hanno, Cirque/ Sub rosa, 2001)
Ryoma Maeda: And I swallow (Ennui new pig, FRD records, 2000)

Bucketrider: MK Ultra (Le baphomet, Dr Jim's records, 2001)
Cheval de frise: Le feu, le lin et la bougie (ep., Sonore, 2000)
Cheval de frise: Noblesse de l'échec (2) (ep., Sonore, 2000)
Subarachnoid space: A better feeling (Buy, Elsic & Jack, ?)
Mason Jones: Tokyo sundown (Deprogramming music vol.1, Sacred noise, ?)
Oval: untitled (Cammers, Zomba music, 2001)
Oval/ Markus Pop: april remix (April remixes, Cirque, 2001)
Can: Up the bakerloo line with Anne (Peel sessions, Strange fruit, ?)
Christop Gallio/Mösöblö: Kyödai (A Robert Filliou, Percaso, 2001)

4 Walls: The anarchist's anthem (And the world ain't square, Orkhestra, 2001)
4 Walls: Pliers (And the world ain't square, Orkhestra, 2001)
Roof: Halts (Hallelujah Anyway, Tzadik, 1999)
4 Walls: Night in Siberia (And the world ain't square, Orkhestra, 2001)
The Ex: Got everything (Joggers & Smokers, Ex records, 1989)
The Ex: Slow sleeper (Instant, Ex records, ?)
The Ex: AY Carmela (The spanish revolution, Ex records, 1977)
The Ex & Tortoise: The law of the limp (The Ex & Tortoise, Konkurent, 1998)
The Ex & Tom Cora: Stupid competition (And the weatherman shrug their shoulders, RecRec,?)
4 Walls: Fine weather (And the world ain't square, Orkhestra, 2001)
Raoul Björkenheim: Surf Dance (Apocalyspo, Cuneiform, 2001)

RonRuins: Big shoes (Big shoes, Magaibutsu,2001)
This Heat: Independance (Deceit, These records, 1981/2001)
Charles Hayward w/h O.Yoshihide & T.Yoshida: Seven full days (Near+far, Locus Solus, 2000)
Ron Anderson/PAK: Super sex (unreleased demo, ?, 2000?)
RonRuins: Marionette de Stravinsky (Big shoes, Magaibutsu,2001)
Phil Durrant/ Thomas Lehn/ Radu Malfatti: -extract- (Beinhaltung, Fringes, 1999)
Konk Pack: #5 (Big Deep, Megaphone?, 2000?)
Marcus Schnickler: It's a question ? (Onea Gako, Odd size, 1993)
MSBR: Monophonic scratch biosphere reincarnation (3 cadavres exquis, E(r)ostrate, 1998)

Flat earth society: Lavemntlied (Bonk, Zonk, 2001)
King Crimson: Thrak (Vroom Vroom, DGM, 2001)
NB: this track doesn't play correctly !
Oskar Aichinger: Siren song (To touch a distant soul, Between the lines, 2001)
Transient V resident: Bract (Medulla, Discus, 2001)
Lionel Marchetti: Portrait d'un glacier -extract- (Portrait d'un glacier, Grandfault, 2001)
Ted Killiam: Gravity suspended (Flux Aeterna, pfMentum, 2001)

This Heat: Makeshift swahili (Deceit, These, 1981/2001)
Iva Bittova & Cikory: Mravena sila (ep. Indies records, 2001)
Chie Mukai: -extract- (Three solo pieces, ?, ?)
Cordier / Guionnet: Tore (Tore, Shambala, 2001)
Christophe Gallio: #34/#37 (Mösiöblö, Percaso, 2001)
Picchio dal pozzo: Uccellin del Boso (Abbiamo tutti i suoi problemi, ?, 1980)
Picchio dal Pozzo: The town (Camere zimmer rooms, Cuneiform, 2001)

Univers Zéro: Le triomphe des mouches (Crawling wind, Cuneiform, 2001)
Palo Alto² / Jefferson Lembeye: Serial pog (Pogs box, Organic/ Land, 2001)
Jefferson Lembeye: Kyoshi (Rogue state, Organic/ Land, 2001)
Taku Sugimoto: Bologna -extract- (Italia, A bruit secret, 2001)
Yudanov/ Brötzmann/Luoma: Fryed fruit (Fryed fruit, Cactus/ Red toucan, 2001)
Birchville cat motel: Crystal freighters (Galleries 4-6, 20 city, 2001)

Séquence Zeena Parkins / Björk dans l'émission quotidienne de RCV " What's Up" :
Palo Alto: Pogs (Le disque dur, Organic, 199?)
Palo Alto² / Laurent Pernice : Entre chiens et loups (Pogs box, Organic/ Land, 2001)
Ruins : Impro 5 (Mandala 2000, Tzadik, 2001)
Alejandra & Underwood: Knitting factory NYC (Notebook on cities and clothes, ?, ?)
Robotobibok: Sonda jungle (Jogging, ?, 2001)
Eso Steel: Technology of sleep (Technology of sleep , 20 city, 2000)
Gustavo Aguilar: SOLUS for solo percussion -extract- (Looking for Aztlan, Acoustic levitation, 2001)
Peter Wright: Clavius (Clavius 7'', 20 city, 2000)
RuinzHatova: Gom devil (ep, Magaibutsu, 2001)

08/10/01 : Séquence spéciale dans l'émission quotidienne de RCV " What's Up" pour le concert de Ruins le 10/10 :
Ruins: Quetzacoalt ( Live Mandala 2000, Tzadik 2001)
Tairikuotoko vs Sammyakuonna: Center of Discomo (Viva Young Florida, Magaibutsu,?)
Ruins: Waridoo (Vrresto, Sonore,1998?)
Ruins: Blimguass (Palashtom, Sonore, 2000)

Ruins: Quetzacoalt (Pallaschtom, Magaibutsu, 2000)
Laurent Saïet: Sam Pekinpah (Cinéphilie 2 -le retour-, Trace, 2000)
Koji Asano: -extract- (The end of august, Solstice, 2001)
Frantz Koglmann: Danke, Frau Hofrat/ Mit dabei sein/ So rühr ich um mit meinem Sabel/ Wir entkommen ihm nicht (Venus in transit, Between the lines, 2001)
Frank Gratkowski: Kollaps II (Kollaps, Cactus/ Red Toucan, 2001)
Klimperei: Tout ça à cause d'une fille qui passe (Tout seul sur la plage en hiver, Gazul, 2001)

27/09/01 :
Séquence Albert Marcoeur dans l'émission quotidienne de RCV " What's Up" :
Extraits de son dernier album Plusieurs cas de figure (Label Frère, 2001) + "C'est raté, c'est raté" de son premier album, réédité cette année =>
Focus on upcoming concerts (Compania, Ruins...)
Compania d'Arte Drummatica : Esodo 18, 17-18 (Carbon, Erosha, 2000)
Compania d'Arte Drummatica : Asa Dolce Asa (Carbon, Erosha, 2000)
Ruins : Burning Stone (Refusal Fossil, Skingraft,1998?)
Ruins : Del Fanci Kant (Refusal Fossil, Skingraft,1998?)
Melt Banana : Red Point (Teeny Shiny, A-Zap records, 2000)
Otomo Yoshihide new jazz quintet : Serene, (Flutter, Tzadik 2001)
François Houle 5 : Le corps abstrait s'abandonne à la lumière (Cryptology,Between the lines, 2000/2001)

20/09/01 : Focus on upcoming concerts (Happy New Ears, Ruins...)
Flat earth society: Skinny / The electrocutionner (Bonk, Zonk,2001)
Trevor Taylor: plays Derek Shiel soundsculptures (?)
Volker Staub: Suarogate, Teil IV (Suarogate, Wergo,?)
Derek Bailey & The Ruins: Quinka Matta (Saisoro, Tzadik, 1995)
Ruins: Untitled #12 (Magaibutsu sampler vol.2, Magaibutsu, 1997)
Xavier Charles & Martin Tétrault: #5 (MXCT, Vand'oeuvre, 2001)
Chameleo Vulgaris: La sève (Ouverture facile, Leo lab, 1999)
Brandon Labelle: Speaking in Tongues  (Automatic radio, fringes, 2001)
Discord Aggregate: #4 (The texture of the sky, autoprod, 2000)

Itsfromat : Mistoftar (Ep, autoprod, 2001)
Fred Frith : Road Movie (from Clearing, Tzadik, 2001)
Ruins :Big Head (from Stonehedge, Shimmy Disc) (à mon avis c'est ça...pas de doute..)
Seikazoku : Gurupabhadra live 2 feb 97 (from Makoto Kawabata Privates Tapes 3, AMT , 2000)
Naoaki Miyamoto : Live at 20 000 V #1 (fromLive at 20 000 V, Public Eyesore recordings, 2001)
Discord Aggregate : #10, 11, 12 (from the Texture of the Sky, autoprod, 2001)
Morton Feldman : 15 first minutes of Piano and String Quartet, Ives Ensembles, Hat Art 2001)

06/09/01 :
Asa Chang & Junray : Preach (from Hana / Hot Cha 2001)
Assembler (Takemura / Child's View) : Leave a Thing (from Tone Poem Archives / Vibeon, Shanshan Club 2001)
Look de Bouk : Trois pierres dans dans ton jardin (from Hardis Bruts / In Poly Sons )
Look de bouk : Demain ou ailleurs (L'âcre hymne aérait Rome / In Poly Sons 2001)
Fred Frith : Minimalism (from Clearing/ Tzadik, 2001)
Makoto Kawabata : Meji (from Inui 2 / VHF 2000)
Acid Mothers Temple : Grapefruit Walk (from Absolutely Freak Out (Zap your Mind) / Resonnant -Static Caravan 2001)
Neu ! : Negativeland, (from Neu! EMI 72/2001)

30/08/01: by Florent Delval
Boris : Asolutego+ (speciallow frequency version) (Southern Lord 2000) - Incredible, the whole track ! (previous show was cancelled!)
Undercurrent track 1 from NKKR promo sample CD
Father Moo and The Black Sheep #1 : Untilted (Swordfish 2000)
Acid Mothers Temple : Astrological Overdrive (Excerpt) (from Live in Occident 2xLP/ Reflector, 2000)
Contagious Orgasm : COLLECT (from Scanning Shearing-Stress Microscopy SSSM 2001)
Novo Tono : (kanji title?) from Tone Poem Archives / Vibeon - Shan Shan Club 2001
Focus Otomo...Part 2
Müller, Okura, Yoshihide, (Sugimoto) : Tug (from Metal tastes like Orange aka Secret Recordings 2/ Amoebic 1999)
ISO : Kyodai-seibu-kodo 2 (from Live / Zero Gravity 1998)
Martin Tétrault & Otomo Yoshihide : Check (from Four Focuses / Amoebic 1999)
Modulation #2 (excerpt) (from Cathode/ Tzadik 1999)
Otomo Yoshihide Jazz Quintet : Flutter (Modulation for High Tone) (from Flutter / Tzadik 2001)

23/08/01: by Florent Delval
Pardon Kimura -O.S.C.D.B.S.S. #6 (Ocean Surfer Cool Dad Building Shop Surfboards, Hot Cha, 2001)
Fred Lonberg-Holm/ Jim O'Rourke/ Weasel Walter -Give Me head Till you're Dead (Tribute to Masayuki Takayanagi, GROB, 2000)
Masayuki Takayanagi - Inanimate Nature part 2 (Inanimate Nature, Jinya 1990)
Pardon Kimura -Soba Shop is Near Here (Ocean Surfer Cool Dad Building Shop Surfboards, Hot Cha 2001)

Focus on Zeni Geva etc...
KK Null : Zero Wave (Terminal Beach / Manifold Recordings & Nux Organization 1996)
Zeni Geva : Last Nano Second (10 000 Light Years , Neurot Recordings 2001)
Tabata : Hello, Brainsville (Brainsville , Elsie and Jack 1998)
Tabata with Tatsuya Yoshida : Theme of Human Insect (Elsie and Jack and Chair Compilation , Elsie and Jack 1998)
KK Null & David Brown : Terminal Hz 3 (Terminal Hz , Groundfault 2000)

Focus on Hoppy Kamiyama part. 2
The Saboten : RITUEL (How to Sex) ( s/t , God Mountain 1997)
The Saboten : Sono Di Passagio ( I.K.U. Original soundtrack , Uplink 2001, soon on Sonore)
The Saboten : Zoo Motel ( I.K.U. Original soundtrack , Uplink 2001, soon on Sonore)
The Saboten : Night Falls on Tokyo ( Kali , God Ocean 2001)

Sun P.M. 0:00 (EYE, Yoshimi, Motsu, Ukon) : Sun PM 0:01 ( Tone Poem Archives , VIBEON - Shan Shan Music 2001)
777 from The Boredoms : Rebore vol.0, Vision Recreation Newsun by EYE Warner Japan 2001

16/08/01 : by Florent Delval
EXIAS-J : Kondo Hideaki & Nishizawa Naoto : Bishop, 7 min. excerpt (from Venom / Bishop records 2000)
EXIAS-J : Tanikawa Teruaki & Nishizawa Naoto : Reverse R. (from Spatial...In Depth / Bishop Records 2001)
Inu Yaroh : Guitar Noise / Apoc'99 (from Takade From Nostradamus Live / Public Eyesore 2000)
Toru Yonayma & Osamu Kato : Cameroon (from Luv Rokambo / Public Eyesore 2001)
Guilty Connector : The Thread of Memory (from Scanning Shearing-Stress Microscopy / SSSM 2001)

Focus on Melt Banana :
Flash Section (from The Rebirth of Fool, Vol II / Dual Plover ????)
Free The Bee (from Teeny Shiny / A-Zap 2000)
Mouse is a Biscuit (from Speak Squeak Creak / Nux Organisation 1994 - A-Zap 2001)
Showroom Dummies (from Musique Non Stop : A Tribute to Kraftwerk, Toshiba / EMI 1998)
Section Eight (from Charlie / A-Zap, 1998)
Tail in Garbage (TEKEPAKE) (from Speak Squeak Creak / Nux Organisation 1994 - A-Zap 2001)

Focus on Otomo Yoshihide part. 1:
Ground Zero : Movie-1 (from Null and Void / Tzadik 1995)
Tenko : Dressed in Memories (from At the Top of Mount Brocken / RecRec 1991)
Results (from The Day the Sun Turned Cold Original Soundtrack / Milan Asia 1994)
Yoshihide Otomo & Masahiko Shimada : Introduction (from Miira ne Narumade- My Dear Mummy / Sank-ohso Discs-Creativeman Disc 1997)
Jon Rose & Otomo Yoshihide : Stereo Balance Test (from Tatakiuri / Sank-ohso Discs-Creativeman Disc 1995)
Bob Ostertag & Otomo Yoshihide : Exercises for Currency (from Twins ! Sank-ohso Discs-Creativeman Disc 1996)
Ground Zero : Washington post March + Japan Dissolution (from Plays Standard / Nani Records 1997 - DIW 2000)
Ground Zero : tracks 10 to 15 from Revolutionary Pekinese Opera Ver 1.28 / ReR Megacorp 1996

08/08/01: by Florent Delval
Makoto Kawabata : Morning on the Moon, Elsie and Jack 2000
Soft : Artfarmer remix/ Artman Comma 2001
AOA : What's this heat (What's that's meat) -from Emotion Vacation. Comma 2001
Tululus : Virgin Blues -from Getehe no Kansha Comma 1999.
Asa-Chang & Junray : Hana -from Hana, Hot-Cha 2001

Focus on Haino Keiji part. 2
21st Century Hard-y-Guide-y Man (PSF 1995) : 5 minutes excerpt from track n°3
Y with Jean François Pauvros (Shambala 2000) : Tracks 2 & 3
Abandon All Words at a stroke (Alien8 Recordings 2001) : 15 minutes excerpt from disc II, I have decided to tear you to Pieces...Starting at 6:50 approx.

02/08/01: by Florent Delval
Koji Asano : Autumn's Meadow -20 minutes excerpt (Solstice 2001)
Rsudin Tracks 1 to 5 from Sleepwalk (Groundfault, 2001)
Toy.Bizarre + Lethe 7": 000731 (20 City, 2001)
Mascara-Sue : Six O'Clock & "S" from Biro² (Dual Plover, 2001)
Brandon Labelle : Stop Listening Hot Action Sexy Karaoke from Music on a short thin wire (Groundfault, 2001)

Focus on  Haino Keiji part1:
Nijiumu : excerpt from track 2 (Era of Sad Wings, PSF)
Blackstage : Ononoki (Samples, Maboroshi no Sekai)
Tenshi no Gijinka : track 1 (Tzadik)
Watashi Dake : track 5 (PSF)
Vajra : Nara from Sravaka (PSF)
Fushitsusha : last track from Live PSF 15/16

Rigel Michelena: Song for Bartok (Bartok's room, Muséa, 2001)
DFA: Pantera (Work in progress live, MoonJune records, 2001)
Ozric Tentacles: Aramanu (Pyramidion, Stretchy rec, 2001)
Magma: Neber Gudahtt/Mekanik Kommandoh (Trilogie au Trianon, 7th rec, 2001)
Bucketrider: Time image (Guignol's band, Dr Jim's records, 2000?)
Dunaj/ Bittova/Fajt: ? (Pustit Musis, Rachot, 1996)
This Heat: ? (Deceit, these records, ?)
John Hassell: ? (OHM, ?, 2001)
....I was was was a special summer hot hits show !
eX Girl : Pop Muzik (Back to the mono kero, Kiki poo records, 2001)
HOAHIO : Boken Gaboten-jima (Otomo Yoshihide plays the music of Takeo Yamashita, P-Vine 1999)
Yamamoto, Seiichi, and Suido Megane Satsujin Jiken : ?? Second hand J-Pop 7" found in Suido Megane Satsujin Jiken Videocassette. ( label : Augen 1994).
Jon : Les Sucettes (from Great Jewish Music : Serge Gainsbourg / Tzadik 1997)
Space Ponch : Tati Suite (The world shopping with Space Ponch, Transonic Records 1999 / Moikai 2000)
Kinga Crew (id.)
New Waver: Chadstone (from : the rebirth of fool vol II, Dual Plover ????)
Stacey Longbottom and the Tops : True love (idem)
And also : LAFMS, Peter Blevgad, Tiny Tim, Taxi Val Mentek, Catalogue,...

This Heat: Health & efficiency (ep., These records, 1980/98)
Hamster Theatre: The cat song (Carnival detournement, Cuneiform, 2001)
Pierre Vervloesem: Wait & Sink (Chef d'oeuvre, ?, ?)
Flat earth society: Cruisin' for the bruisin' (Bon, Zonk reocrds, 2001)
Biota: Landless (Invisible map, Rer, 2001)
Adashi Tomoni Royal Chorus: Pleiades (Nu, Nayaa, 2001)
Adashi Tomoni Royal Chorus: Garden Balsaw (Nu, Nayaa, 2001)
Formanex: #2 (Treatise Cornelius Cardew, ?, 2001)
Mother Mallard's portable masterpiece Co: Dowtown (Like a duck to water, Cuneiform,1974/2001)
Seth Nehil: Cirrus -extract- (Tracing the skins, Kaon, 1998)
C.O. Caspar: Spatial lust of hearings (Thus long lights light, Kaon, 1998)
Boredoms: 7 (Rebore Vol.0 by Eye, Warner Japan, 2001)

Kampec Dolores: Eye of the needle (Eye of the needle, Bahia, 1993)
Kampec Dolores: Yürüyorum (Sitting on the Buffalo, Bahia, 2001)
4treck: Bossa not over (n°4, autoprod, 2001)
Acid Mothers Temple & the melting Paraiso UFO: side A (La Novia, Eclipse records, 2001)
Joelle Léandre & Ryoji Hojito: #5 (Sapporo duets, Jazz'halo, 2001)
Paul Dunmall Octet: Part1 (The great divide, Cuneiform, 2001)

05/07/01 :
Andouma Trio: Kourouni (Andouma, Gimini, 2001)
Simon Goubert: After the wind has gone -extract- (Désormais..., 7th, 2001)
Ex-girl: Souvalki (Big when far, small when close, Paranoiz/Compozilia, 2000)
Ex-gilr: Aji-Fry (Fried horse Mackerel) (Back to the mono Kero, Kikipoo records, 2001)
Ernesto Diaz-Infante & Chris Forsyth: Trace out motion (Wires and wooden boxes, Pax recordings, 2001)
Serhat Köksal: Taham an (Ulonbay, 2/5BZ, 200?)
Matching Mole: Match Ides I (Smoke signals, Cuneiform, 2001)
Hubbub: Ub -extract- (Ub/Abu, For 4 ears, 2001)
KK Null / David Brown: Terminal HZ #1 (Terminal HZ, Ground Fault, 2000)
Woom: #3 (For Pricilia, Pricilia records, 2001)

Flat earth society: Skinny/ The electrocutioner (Bonk, Zonk reocrds, 2001)
Fred Frith Guitar Quartet: Geco Rettile Mialgico (Ayaya Moses, Ambiances Magnétiques, 1997)
Olivia Bignardi's Uccellacci: Asternersi perditempo (Demo, looking for gentle producer !)
Rascal Reporters: The white blood sheets (The Foul-Tempered clavier, PLeasant green records, 2001)
Rascal Reporters: Fresh leather and poultry mix (The Foul-Tempered clavier, PLeasant green records, 2001)
National Health: Squarer for Maud, part1 (Playtime, Cuneiform, 2001)
Matching Mole: Match Ides II / Instant pussy (Smoke signals, Cuneiform, 2001)
Loons in the Monastery: Donal gets off (Stranger than truth, Sonotrope, 2001)
Endgame: A strange time for angels -ending- (Catalyst, Ultimate transmissions, 2000)
Rascal Reporters: My name (The Foul-Tempered clavier, PLeasant green records, 2001)

The Stickmen: Tail dragger (Insatiable, Cuneiform, 1982/2001)
Kixx: Det Atem gegen Gott gerichtet (Weisser voodoo, Unit records, 1994)
The Rascal Reporters: Klezmer's ragu (The Foul-tempered clavier, Pleasant Green records, 2001)
Pointless Orchestra: Much noise and weird dancing (Thowing silverware down stairs,autoprod => , 2001)
Pointless Orchestra: Comparative levity (Enhanced gravity, Yucca Tree, 1999)
Pointless Orchestra: Phaw chai di (Approaching totality, Without Fear, 1999)
Martin Tétrault & Xavier Charles: Les nerfs (Mxct, Vand'oeuvre, 2001)
Otomo Yoshihide: 2'10'' (Re/cycling, Rectangle, 2001)
Art Zoyd: La tentation de Saint Antoine / Le chant de la sybille (Ubique, In-possible, 2001)

14/06/01 : Focus on "Hoppy Kamiyama"part 1 by Florent Delval (Zeni's pages)
Hoppy Kamiyama: ? (Psychedelic Kabuki Gessyoku, ?, ?)
Hoppy Kamiyama: ? (ESP, God Moutain, ?)
The Bubbleman 2: Nepa Nepa (The day of the iron sausage, God Ocean, 2000)
Saboten: Incognito track (IKU, Uplink, 2001)
Jun Togawa: Joe le taxi (?, God ocean, 2000)
Hoppy Kamiyama: #1 (PIanow orks, unreleased CD -is they any interested editor out there ?????)
Râle: Bludiste (Twilight Soumrak, Indies records, 2000)
Klar: Einleitung, Rachot, 1995)
Vladimir Vaclavek: And the heaven is on your lips (I'm the soil, i'm the tree, i'mù the machine, Indies records, 1994)
4tReck: AC/2 (N°1, autoprod)

07/06/01 :
Biota: Glazed paper (Invisible map, Rer, 2001)
Hamster Theatre: #4 (Carnival Detournement, Cuneiform, 2001)
Pointless orchestra: Manic pentameter (Thowing silverware down stairs, autoprod =>, 2001)
David Dvorin: Swelled head (With (in)communicado, Pax recordings, 1999)
Jeff Kaiser / Ernesto Diaz-Infante: My machines came from too far away (Pith balls and inclined planes, pfMentum, 2000)
Satoko Fujii / Mark Feldman: Mirage (April shower, Ewe, 2001)
My jazzy child: #1 (Un grand coup de lassitude, Pricilia, 2000)
Thomas Durcudoy / Ghislaine Hillard :?
(La traversée à l'échelle, Pricilia, 2000)
Norman D.Mayer / Hugo Roussel Jr: #1-extract- (Ultra Queen Monore, Pricilia, 2000)
Satoko Fujii / Mark Feldman: Inference (April shower, Ewe, 2001)

01/06/01 : Special MOO festival ! =>
E Pericoloso Sporgesi : It's a sad and beautiful world (CD promo du festival MOO)
Uz Jsme Doma: Kouzelnik (CD promo du festival MOO)
Cheval de Frise: Constructions d'écorces d'arbres (CD promo du festival MOO)
Rale: Twilight (CD promo du festival MOO)
Slede, Zive slede: Automobiles (CD promo du festival MOO)
Dragibus : A crocodile in an aquarium (CD promo du festival MOO)
Fuzzy bunny: Preparation J (ep, Sonore, 2001)
Chris Brown: Cremation procession downbeat, Bali (Talking Drum, Sonore, 2001)
Chris Brown: Invention #5, headlands, sausalito, California (Talking Drum, Sonore, 2001)
Chris Brown: Obedience school (Snakecharmer, Artifact Recordings,1989)

17/05/01:  Spéc. "Boredoms" avec Florent Delval (Zeni's pages)
Boredoms: Pop kiss/ Budokan tape try/ Fingeraction (Super roots, Reprise, 1993)
Boredoms: untitled (Vision creation newsun, Birdman, 2000)
UFO or die: Zombie tube (Camp Skingraft, Skingraft, ?)
OOIOO: ina (Feather float, Birdman, 1998/2001)
Ground Zero: China white/ Euthanasia drive (Ground Zero, God Moutain, 1992)
KK Null & Seichi Yamamoto: Tenkarren (Ontoko, Ummo records, ?)
Boredoms: Super are (Super are, Warner, 1999)

10/05/01: Musiqu'action + tchek show
La Pieuvre: untitled (#Arcades, 5 avril 2001)
Doctor Nerve & Sirius string quartet: At last the hand, shifting (Ereia, Cuneiform, 2000)
Uz Jsme Domma: koroze (Fifteen drops of water, Indies records, 2000)
Bittova/Dunaj/fajt: Pustit musis (Pustit musis, Rachot, 1996)
Grencso Kollektiva Plusz: Sixth song (Seven songs to the last MOhicans, Bahia, 2001)
Alfred Harth's Tattoo: #2 (Electronic vooo, cf., 2001)
Battery Operated: Dished satellite (Vecuum, Cocosolidcity, 2001)

03/05/01 :
Hamster Theatre: Vermilion Hue over Lake Lausane (for Nimal) (Carnival Detournement, Cuneiform, 2001)
Phil Miller: Delta borderline (Out of the blue, Crescent discs, 2001)
Shams: Still bear, restless autumn (Burghan interference, Slam, 2000)
The Dynamix (Ken Hyder, Scipio, Jon Dobie): Healing at a distance (demo, 2001)
Ken Hyder / Maggie Nichols: The jute mill song (IN the stone, Impetus, 1998)
2R1 (w/ Ken Hyder): #5 (demo, 2001)

26/04/01: Eastern show
Grencso Kollektiva Plusz: Fourth song (Seven songs to the last MOhicans, Bahia, 2001)
Kampec Dolores: Somewhere down under the water (Rapid, Rer/Bahia, 199?)
The Danubians: Hanana (ep, Cuneiform, 2000)
Grencso Kollektiva Plusz: Second song (Seven songs to the last MOhicans, Bahia, 2001)
The wind rises: Work song (Elektropleinair sound diary, Rer, 87/98)
Ernö Kiraly: Spiral (Phoenix, Rer, 1998)
Zdzislaw Piernik & Slavomir Janicki: Dialogi na tube, kontrabass i tasme (5 lat, Mozg, 1999?)
Data direct: La dolce vita (La dolce vita, Discordia, ?)
Klimperei: La balançoire (Un p'tit coin de ciel gris, Prikosnovénie, 2000)

Bethany Curve: Fire (Pleasure vibe 2000, Unit Circle Rekkids, 2000)
Koenji Hiakkei: Gassttrumm (Nivraym, Magaibutsu, 2000)
Martin Archer: Winter pilgrims arriving -ending- (Winter pilgrims arriving, Discus, 2001)
Bucketrider: Almost-lucid fairytale (The adoration of the lamb, Dr Jim's records, 2000)
Bucketrider: Old Babylon (Guignol's band, Dr Jim's records, 2000)
Bucketrider: Courtney - Oprah - Who (The adoration of the lamb, Dr Jim's records, 2000)
Jean Derôme / Pierre Tanguay: Zuripari (Plinc!Plonc!, Ambiances magnétiques, 2001)
René Lussier / Martin Tétrault: Mixture (Qu'ouïs-je, Ambiances magnétiques, 2000)
René Lussier / Martin Tétrault: Cassure (Qu'ouïs-je, Ambiances magnétiques, 2000)
Eugene Chadbourne's Insect & Western: Notes produced by his distant relatives (The intellectual & emotional world of the Cockroach, Home recordings, 1999)
Only a mother: Ballad of wild Bill (Naked songs for contortionists, TECTones, 1991)
Henry Kaiser: The five heavenly truths -extract- (The five heavenly truths, Fot, 1993)
The DITS: Take the 'D' train -extract- (An evening with..., Home recordings, 2000)

Akaten: Can coffe (Chateau du Akaten, Magaibutsu, 2001)
Koenji Hiakkei: Axall Hasck (Nivraym, Magaibutsu, 2001)
Bill Horist: Pulse generation (Pleasure vibe 2000, Unit Circle Rekkids, 2000)
Intonarumori: Where I (ep, Unit Circle Rekkids, 2000)
Amy Denio: Architecture (Atttoo, Unit Circle Rekkids, 2000)
Francisco Lopez & Amy Denio: Belle Confusion 00 -beginning- (Belle Confusion 00, Absolute/Anomalous, 2000)
Theremin Noir: Fireflies in Tainan (ep, November music, 2000)
Tiny Tim & The Sediments: I saw Mr Presley tip-toeing through the tulips (I love me, Ponk/Seeland, 199?)
Elma Mayer: Rendering (ep, Ponk, 1996)
Schmaz: Duck driving a fire truck (Nature's table, Home recordings, 2000)

05/04/01 : absent !

29/03/01 : absent !

22/03/01 :
Erik M: Vol aux vents (Ulan Bator D-Construction, DSA, 2000)
Martin Archer: Beautiful city on the hill (Winter pilgrim arriving, Discus, 2000)
Martin Archer: Nachtvogel (Network Vol.2:54 music miniatures, Discus, 1995)
Martin Archer / Simon H Fell: Part 5 -ending- (Pure water construction, Discus, 2000?)
Simon H fell: 55 (Network Vol.2:54 music miniatures, Discus, 1995)
Steve Horowitz / The code: Into me (The psychosexual album, Ponk, 1994)
Steve Horowitz: And so we begin / Pink fuzzy / Tall tales and stories (San Francisco chronicled 1990-1996, Ponk, 1996)
The Sediments: Old man camo santo (Passed normal vol.4, Fot, 1991)
The Sediments: The flying fickle finger of fate (Liars, cheats and acid freaks, Home recordings, 1999)
W.T.Fits: Hookah ladder (Fits greatests, Home recordings, 2000)

Akaten: Pet bottle (Chateau du Akaten, Magaibutsu, 2000)
Ulan Bator: Santa Lucia (Ego:echo, DSA, 2000)
Ulan Bator: Selva (Ego:echo, DSA, 2000)
Magma: Wurdah Itah -extracts- (Trilogie Theusz Hamtaahk, 7th records, 2001)
Ludovic Fresse: L'éthique à Jujube (L'échoe et le silence, Khokhot, 2000)
Klimperei: Big (Big & Bang, Organic, 2000)
Lars Hollmer: Skum (Utsikter, Krax, 2000)
If,Bwana: Barump Poe (Breathing, Pogus, 1996)

08/03/01 :
Klimperei: Compétition de vaisselle (Big & Bang, Organic, 2000)
Alamaailman Vasarat: Siltojen all (Vasaarasia, Laskeuma records, 2000)
Alamaailman Vasarat: Lakeus (Vasaarasia, Laskeuma records, 2000)
Lars Hollmer: Denglad (Utsikter, Krax, 2000)
King Crimson: Beatiful rainbow (Heavy Construkction, DGM, 2000)
Ole Lukkoye: Pussy willow (Crystal crow-barn Klingbad / Think Progressive, 2000)
Quiet celebration: Coal (ep, Gazul, 2000)
Monsieur Hiii: #3 (ep, ISHTAR, 2000)
Desmarchelier / Toulemonde: °3 (Bug, ISHTAR, 2000)

01/03/01: ODP replaced by special interview

The Molecules: Freak out (No-fi, Amanita, 1996)
PAK: All right OK (unreleased demo)
Ron Anderson: Talk it all out (Anyhting is possible, Amanita/Megaphone, 2000)
Dominique Répécaud: OLIVIER PAQUOTTE "Turkish" (Ana ban, In Situ, 2000)
Camel Zekri: Garié (LE festival de l'eau, Vand'oeuvre, 2000)
Matthius Shadowsky: Knots system in Miami #1 (Knots system in Miami, Le centre de la bombe, 199?)
Kenneth Gaburo: Fat Millie's lament (Tape play, Pogus, 2000)
Steve McLean: Piano drop / Piano 1 (Flies in the face of logic, Pogus, 1994)
Patton: Les cheins (JR for "Jaune-rouge", Prohibited, 2000)

Alamaailman Vasarat: Delhin yöt (Vasaarasia, Laskeuma records, 2000)
Ludovic Fresse: Miniature oxydable
Ron Anderson: Dharma bums (Anything is possible, Amanita/Megaphone, 2000)
If,Bwana: Flute thang (33 birds went, Pogus, 1995)
Ono Lulu Filharmonia: Explosion from "Anonymous of XX century" (L'hermaphrodite imparfait, Le centre de la bombe, 1988)
Ono Lulu Filhramonia: No sèves craquent from "La commedie del Suono" (L'hermaphrodite imparfait, Le centre de la bombe, 1988)
2 Lamplayers: Ouverture (5000 years after, Le centre de la bombe, 1997)
Jim Black: -hidden track- (Alasnoaxis, Winter & Winter, 2000)
Marc Sens: Nous resterons sous la pluie (Faux-ami, Shambala, 2000)
Hopper S.Klossner: ? (Cryptids, Voiceprint, 2000)

Big City Orchestra: Arms and legs (Greatests hits and test tones, Pogus, 1993)
Big City Orchestra / Monte Cazazza: Strange experience (Greatests hits and test tones, Pogus, 1993)
Iannis Xenakis: Waarg (Live 1, Attacca, 1989)
Falter Bramnk: Voll Mond (Stockhausen remixed vol1, Le centre de la Bombe, UNPRODUCED YET ! SEE BELOW)
Transcultural Symphony Orchestra: 2 mvt part6 (Symphony n°1, Le centre de la Bombe, 1996)
Ono Lulu Filharmonia: Breath dance (Je suis d'ailleurs, Le centre de la Bombe, 1987)
Nick Didkovsky: A young lady's adventure (Flies in the face of logic, Pogus, 1994)
Nick Didkovsky / Guigou Chenevier: One wooden leg (Body parts, Vand'oeuvre, 2000)
Leo Kupper: Guitarra Cubana #4 (Electro-acoustic, Pogus, 1996)

!!!! "Le centre de la Bombe" is currently waiting for new artists who'd like to add their own mix on the "Stockhausen remixed" CD (no more french people please !) => go there :

Comelade / Bastien / Berrocal / Liebezeit :Rock'n roll station (Obliques sessions, DSA, ?)
Ulan Bator: Let go echo ! (Ego:echo, DSA, 2000)
Ron Anderson: A room full of mirrors is no place to hide (Anything is possible, Amanita / Megaphone, 2000)
Godspeed you black emperor: #B -extract- (Lift your skinny fists like antenna to heaven, ?, 2000)
Faust: As you might know (The land of Ukko & Rauni, Ektro, 2000)
Kumo: Grey Scrubbers (1+1=1, Spoon, 2000)

25/01/01 :
Vakki Plakkula: Agoraphobia (Una Barca, I Dischi di Angelica, 1998)
Tornando: Bunuel (Menu, Erosha, 1995)
Stefano Zorzanello: Il cuore sullo scalino (Mistress, Erosha, 1998
Muller / Sugimoto: Rest and smile (I am happy if you are happy, For 4 ears, 2000)
Dominique Répécaud: Xavier Charles "Vynil-dream" (Ana ban, In Situ, 2000)
Didkovsky / Chenevier: The round nose of some twenty years (Body Parts, Vand'oeuvre, 2000)
Davis Redford Triad: Echoplex orchestral movement part1 (Ewige Blumenkraft, Holy Mountain, 199?)

18/01/01: absent !

11/01/01: Sons d'hiver #2 avec places à gagner !
Jim Black: Mm (AlasNoAxis, Winter & Winter, 2000)
Ellery Eskelin: Fallen angel (One great day, Hatology, 1997)
Bob Ostertag: Part one -extract- (Sooner or later, recRec, 1991)
Berthet / Le Junter: No radio (ep, Vand'oeuvre, 1994)
Silent block: Elastic (#1, Khôtkhôt,2000)
Ludovic Fresse: ? (L'écho et le silence, Khôtkhôt,2001)
Paolo Angeli: Linee di fuga, Erosha, 1998)
Eduardo Marraffa: Dedica (Solo, Erosha, 2000)
Nouvel Embarras: Lèche-vitrine (Veuillez nous excuser pour la gêne occasionnée, Is-there-a-gentle-producer-out-there ?, 1998)

4/01/01: Sons d'hiver #1 avec places à gagner !
Didkovsky/Chenevier: Pet song (Vand'oeuvre, 2000)
John Zorn's Masada: Shilhim (Beit, DIW, 1994)
Fred Frith: Hello music (Guitar solos complete, RecRec, 1991)
Death ambient: Schizoid (Synaesthesia, Tzadik, 1999)
Zeena PArkins: Solo (Pan-acousticon, Tzadik, 1999)
Fred Frith / Ensemble Modern: At your earliest hesitation / Gyrate (Traffic continues, Winter & Winter, 2000)
Didier Malherbe: Drôle de Zeff (Zeff, Tangram, 1992)
Catalogue: Avoir un bon copain (Insomnie, Spalax, ?)
Comelade/ Bastien/ Berrocal/ Liebezeit: A mexican spaghetti stranger (Obliques sessions, DSA, 1997)
Telectu / Berrocal/ Sclavis: ? (?,?,?)
Moon in June: Le terrible cheval (Brusquement la pelouse, autoprod, 2000)
One shot: La main du diable (ep, autoprod, 1999)

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